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Let's learn to make app animations in half an hour.

One day we'll be able to build an iWatch app in Xcode, but until the SDK is available, we'll learn how to prototype using the Origami toolset for Quartz Composer.

You'll be creating a springy lightbox effect. It has some subtle nuances that make this interaction special. You'll also learn how to control each of these effects like changing the background to a darker blur, hiding the navigation bar, and repositioning the user metadata below the photo.

Together, we're going to create a sliding drawer menu. Within this menu, we'll construct navigation options that transition into being on a staggered basis.

The Tools

For good reason, Quartz Composer and Facebook's Origami have been garnering a lot of attention lately. Together, they've made possible some innovative user interfaces, including Facebook Paper.

iWatch is a good platform to put these new tools through their paces and create a small app to get feedback on.

Come Prepared

There are three key things you'll need before Thursday evening.

1. Register as an Apple Developer ( (if you haven't already)
2. Download and install Quartz Composer (
3. Download and install Origami ( (req. Mac OS X 10.8 or higher)

Once you have those installed, see you Thursday!

Extra credit: We have some great preparation in the notes from our previous Animation event ( a few weeks back. We'll be going over new animations in this event, but don't worry if you missed the last one. You'll be able to pick it up just fine.

What if I can't attend in person?

No worries. We'll post the code, slides, and video to our group website. → (

About this event's speaker

Ben Morrow is an experience engineer who builds web and mobile apps. → (

About our group

Let's get together and learn how to develop for iWatch. Events are hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Speakers present in a "live code" style.

Apple's "iWatch" is projected to arrive in October. Expect a slim-profile watch running iOS that integrates with iPhones and iPads. The watch will have biometric sensors that integrate with a new Health app. There will undoubtably be new types of apps for the platform that haven't been invented yet.

Part of the goal is to connect people together so they can work on projects.