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Data Platform Preparation In Azure for AI

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Data Platform Preparation In Azure for AI


Data in this day and age is a commodity for which we can apply any number of applications. Accessing this data can be as simple as attaching a notebook, a visualization tool, or other applicable applications. However, what happens when the data is extensive, the sources are numerous, questionable integrity, or the available resource are limited? This session will dive into how you can create a solid foundation using basic data engineering techniques on the Microsoft Azure platform, providing guidelines around automation, how to streamline cost, and handle the volume.

George Bryant is a partner at Fulton Analytics. Fulton Analytics is a Minnesota-based data analytics strategy and consulting company committed to delivering data success. Their Data Success Framework aligns people, processes, and technology toward agile data transformation. George has a passion for soccer as well, being a head coach for a number of teams around the Twin Cities.

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