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Greetings everyone,

This August (2013) I started my third semester of Modern Standard Arabic at UTA and I am retooling the meetup to a more academic setting - I need lots of review and practice. As such, the weekly meetups will be focused on content from the books "Arabic for Life" and "Al-Kitaab", plus a few others.

The first part of the meetup will focus on vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and reading material from the textbooks. The second part will be unstructured, ad-hoc conversation practice.

In this meetup, we will review:

• The definite article.

• The "nisba" adjective.

• Interrogatives.

Come, let's learn together :)

اهلا وسهلا بكم


Beginner Arabic phrases:

Iftah ya Simsim (Arabic Sesame Street) Episode 1 (all episodes available through channel):

Short stories for children in Arabic - great to practice reading:

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