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Arduino Class - Create your own printed circuit boards (PCB)
In the presentation that follow you will be shown how to convert your breadboard circuit design into a professional-looking printed circuit board (PCB). The presentation uses the free PCB design software from Fritzing. Once you design your PCB using Fritzing, you can upload it to one of many online PCB fabrication shops around the world. They will manufacture your PCB and send it in the mail within a few weeks of your order. In preperation for this class you will want to download Fritzing Presentations: Create your own printed circuit boards (PCB), Part 1 Create your own printed circuit boards (PCB), Part 2 ( Course work for this class comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has over 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design and C programming. No experience is required. Access to the course material is free at our meetups. If you wish to access the material outside the meetup see our coupons page to get a discount from our sponsor (

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What we're about

Arduino Projects Meetup provides you what you need to make your project a dream come true. Come join the Hackerspace Tech to learn about Programming and Electronics with the Arduino in our 35 week Arduino Class. The 35 week Arduino Class series is a series of free weekly classes held at HackerSpace Tech meetups ( The material used in these free meetups comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed to introduce the Arduino hardware and programming environment to get you started on building arduino projects ( soon as possible

What Will You Learn With This Arduino Training?

• Program the Arduino prototyping platform

• Understand and use many types of sensors and components

• Use tools to build electronic devices

• Understand the principles of programming micro-controllers

• Connect your Arduino to the Internet for reporting and controlling

• Understand basic principles in electronics design

Who is the Arduino class for?

• Anyone with a curiosity for making electronics

• People with no experience in electronics

• People with an intermediate knowledge of electronics

• Children over 12 years old (or younger with supervision)

Below is a list of all 35 Classes. Click on the class to learn more about it and when it is scheduled. To find where we are in the 35 week cycle see our Meetup Calendar ( Students can drop in and have the option to work independently if they want to review past classes or work ahead.


CLASS 1: Getting Started with Arduino - beginner (

CLASS 2: Working With Sensors - Part 1 (

CLASS 3: Working With Sensors - Part 2 (

CLASS 4: Interacting With Arduino - Part 1 (

CLASS 5: Interacting With Arduino - Part 2 (

CLASS 6: Working with Rotary Encoders (

CLASS 7: Using Adafruits Fingerprint Sensor (

CLASS 8: Using LCD Screens including I2C (

CLASS 9: Working With LCD TFT screens (

CLASS 10: Using 7 Segment Displays (

CLASS 11: Control an 8x8 LED matrix display with the MAX7219 controller (

CLASS 12: Working With Direct Current Motors (

CLASS 13: Using Servo Motors (

CLASS 14: Using Stepper motors (

CLASS 15: Using an Ethernet Shield (

CLASS 16: Setting up an Arduino Reporting Web server (

CLASS 17: Setting up an Arduino Controlling Web server (

CLASS 18: Web Logging to Nimbus and Twitter (

CLASS 19: Wireless Connectivity with BlueTooth (

CLASS 20: WiFi connectivity (using CC3000) (

CLASS 21: Wireless Connectivity Using the NRF24L01+ transceiver module (

CLASS 22: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (

CLASS 23: Using An SD Card In Your Project (

CLASS 24: Using EEPROM In Your Projects (

CLASS 25: Taking a closer look at the Atmega microcontroller - part 1 (

CLASS 26: Taking a closer look at the Atmega microcontroller - part 2 (

CLASS 27: Using 74HC595 Shiftregisters (

CLASS 28: Control more devices with a port expander (

CLASS 29: Using a Real Time Clock (

CLASS 30: Controlling large loads with relays and Transistors (

CLASS 31: Location Sensing - How to add a GPS to your projects (

CLASS 32: Topics on Prototyping - Bare Bones Arduino (

CLASS 33: Topics on Prototyping - Create your own printed circuit boards (PCB) (

CLASS 34: Using Processing (the language) with the Arduino (

CLASS 35: Create your own Library for the Arduino (

If you are unable to attend the HackerSpace Tech meetups ( or you would like to access the class material from outside the physical meetup then you will need join HackerSpace Tech meetup ( group and watch for the private link that will be posted on the day of the Arduino class ( This link will give you access to the videos for the duration of the class. If you would like to have 24x7 access to the course along with email support we offer you two options.

1 - Purchase from Udemy (


2 -Purchase from Teachables (click here for Teachables coupon (

** The price on Udemy is normally $150 but they have sales that you want to watch for. The price on Teachables is $50 (minus) the coupon currently available on Hackerspace tech.

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