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Arduino Class - Getting Started with Arduino - beginner

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Come join us at Education Center in Plano TX to learn about the Arduino. In this class we will be covering the following:

The Arduino ecosystem. ( (7:45) The Arduino ecosystem is made up of these parts: The Arduino board The Arduino IDE The Arduino core software library ("Arduino language") Third party software libraries Shields Components This lecture looks into these parts of the Arduino ecosystem.

Tools and prototyping workflow ( (7:45) In this lecture I will show you the tools and process involved in prototyping with the Arduino. Topics Covered: The prototyping process Multimeters Solderless Breadboards Jumper wires Power supplies Let's make a light blink! ( (11:35) In this lecture, I discuss the Light Emitting Diode (LED), and make one blink on and off in our first Arduino sketch. I also discuss the structure of an Arduino sketch, and specifically functions and variables.

Make the LED fade on and off ( (5:45) Parts Needed:

Arduino and breadboard ( LEDs ( 330 resistors ( Course work for this class comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has over 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design and C programming. No experience is required. Access to the course material is free at our meetups. If you wish to access the material outside the meetup see our coupons page to get a discount from our sponsor (