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Arduino Class - Using 7 Segment Displays

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Come join us at The Forge Makerspace (located in the North Branch Library, Denton, TX) to learn about the Arduino. In this class we will be covering the following:

Seven Segment LED Displays, Part 1: Intro and assembly ( (11:31) In this lecture, we will build on our knowledge from the Lecture on the Shift register. In that lecture, you learned how to use a shift register in order to control multiple LEDs using only three wires: one for data, one for clock, and one for the latch. Because there are so many SSD out there, I will assume that you don't have your particular display's datasheet and have no idea which pin controls the pins. I will describe the process of figuring out the correct wiring and then constructing the numerical symbols in the sketch. Please consider watching the Lectures on Shift Registers if you are not familiar with this component as it is central to driving the seven-segment display. The lectures on shift registers is in the section titled "Integrated Circuits Peripherals"

Seven Segment LED Displays, Part 2: Sketch ( (14:32) Parts Needed:

Arduino UNO ( 7 segment displays ( 74HC595 Shift Registers
Course work for this class comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has over 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design and C programming. No experience is required. Access to the course material is free at our meetups. If you wish to access the material outside the meetup see our coupons page to get a discount from our sponsor (

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