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Arduino Class - Controlling large loads with relays and transistors


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In this 5-part presentation, you will learn how to work with relays and connect large loads to your Arduino. Modules

Using the TIP122 transistor to control an LED strip ( (7:46) In this lecture, you will learn how to use a TIP122 Darlington transistor to drive a 12V LED strip.

Relays Part 1: Introduction ( (4:57) Introduction to relays

Relays Part 2: How NOT to control a relay (15:20) Part 2 demonstrates how to quickly (but incorrectly) wire a 5V relay to the Arduino

Relays Part 3: Connect a 12V relay component calculations ( In part 3 you will learn how to calculate the values for the components that are required for the correct wiring of a 12V relay to the Arduino.

Relays Part 4: Connect a 12V relay connections ( (7:50) In Part 4, you will take the component values calculated in Part 3 and complete the wiring of the 12V relay to the Arduino

Relays Part 5: Relay shields ( (4:20) In part 5 you will learn about a couple of relay shields that are good alternatives to manually wiring relays to the Arduino. Parts Needed

Arduino UNO ( TIP122 Darlington transistor ( 12V LED strip ( PN2222A Transistor ( 12 Volt Relay ( 12 Volt Relay Shield ( Course work for this class comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has over 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design and C programming. No experience is required. Access to the course material is free at our meetups. If you wish to access the material outside the meetup see our coupons page to get a discount from our sponsor (