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Arduino Class - Location Sensing - How to add a GPS to your projects


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In this part of our series we will be learning about location sensing using a GPS.

GPS Part 1: An introduction ( (8:32) In this presentation, we look at GPS. You will learn the basic features of the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout module, version 3, which is based on the MTK3339 chipset. This is a very high-quality serial GPS system, supported by an excellent library. I also look at a much cheaper U-blox PCI-5S-1-500 PCI-E B39 MINI PCI-E Wireless Card GPS Module, which can also used with the Arduino by breaking out its serial pins with a couple of jumper wires (a complete lecture on this module will follow).

GPS Part 2: Wiring the Adafruit module for direct communication with computer ( (5:50) In this presentation, you will learn how to wire the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout so that it communicates via USB serial with the computer, using an Arduino as a conduit. The Arduino is not doing any processing, instead the communication from the GPS module simply passes through it and to the computer.

GPS Part 3: Getting and using raw text data from the module ( In this presentation, you will learn how the GPS module acquires satellite fix and then sends raw text data to the computer. You will learn how to use the GPS visualizer web tool to plot the data on a Google map, and also plot the coordinates of your location directly to a Google map.

GPS Part 4: Using the Adafruit GPS library ( (15:60) In this presentation, you will learn the basic features of the Adafruit GPS library. Two of the sketches that ship with the library will be demonstrated, and we will spend a bit of time looking into how they use timer interrupts to process and parse the GPS text output.

GPS Part 5: Using the TinyGPS+ library ( (7:52) In this presentation, we look at the TinyGPS+ library. It is very good alternative/complement to the Adafruit GPS library, with a very nice user/programming interface and compatabilty with a wide range of serial GPS modules. Course work for this class comes from Arduino Step By Step ( which has over 20 hours of content in 110 lectures. These classes are designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design and C programming. No experience is required. Access to the course material is free at our meetups. If you wish to access the material outside the meetup see our coupons page to get a discount from our sponsor (