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15% of ALL CANADIANS make less than $5,000/year
Only 2.8% of ALL CANADIANS make more than $150,000/year.

Did you ever wonder why 83% of Canadians are squeezed between poverty and not-quite enough?

If you’re not making as much money as you deserve, most of the reason has to do with your beliefs about yourself and money...that were formed before you were 7 years old!

Have you ever been on the verge of a breakthrough and then find yourself:

losing interest getting bored getting distracted Or just screwing it up somehow... That’s because of the disconnect between your conscious goals and your unconscious programming from when you were a child.

We will be holding a mini WealthyMind seminar at The Anthony Robbins Firewalkers on May 8th, 2013 to help you reprogram your unconscious mind to align you with your conscious money goals.

This seminar is for you if your deepest of thoughts have heard yourself say these types of things to yourself:

I don't make as much as I want or need. I don’t deserve more money I don't come from the type of people who make that type of money Rich people are different... Rich people are snobs Rich people are selfish Money doesn't grow on trees $ (pick an amount) feels like too much for someone like me. Come on May 8th to change your thinking about money forever!

"I was both skeptical and not skeptical... (but) A few weeks after taking your course I have already sold half of what I sold all of last year, money seems to be coming in from all directions as well. People paying me back, investments I forgot about, financial people appearing out of nowhere helping me make good decisions. People who have never called me back are now asking for appointments...

Best ROI on money I have spent on anything!... A MUST for anyone.

Hugh Comerford, director of NLP Centres Canada is a sought after professional trainer, coach and public speaker. Hugh became a practitioner of NLP in 1993, a master practitioner in 1997, and has studied under renowned teachers, Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier. Hugh took ownership of NLP Centres CANADA in 2000 from Janice Gray, and has been teaching NLP to students across Canada ever since.

Hugh is well known in the corporate sector as an NLP and Certified Innovation Facilitator, and has worked with multiple multinational corporations around the world. Hugh’s unique approach has aided companies in the avenues of productivity, sales, communication and efficiency within the workplace.

Hugh first began developing his own NLP interventions while working with corporate clients and as an NLP coach, has assisted hundreds of individuals to overcome personal issues, and realize their goals.