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Purpose: Helping NDErs, those with a strong interest in: NDEs, Awakening, Liberation (ending the cycles of reincarnation or samsara), transcending the illusions such as the ego, identities, fear, judgment, karma.. connect, make friendships, and find support.

This is not a religious group.

Location: The organizer is in SE AZ near Sierra Vista but willing to meet anywhere within a 4hr drive (Tucson, Phoenix, etc)

Events: We will meet indoors and out, chat, support each others as friends, have other evens we want such as meditations, walks, etc.

The main goal is to connect and offer NDErs (or those who think they had an NDE experience) a place to belong to. Help those near dying, and those seeking to transcend the human ego and enhance their consciousness or awareness which remains after death.

This group is for people who are: NDErs, those with a strong interest in NDEs, those seeking Liberation, Awakening, ending the cycles of reincarnation, transcending the human ego, identities, fear, judgment, karma, and those preparing for death, practicing out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, and related topics.

Check out this Sierra Vista and SE Arizona mindfulness Meetup group, SanctumNow: https://www.meetup.com/southeastarizonasanctum/

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