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Arizona Kayaking Club & Outdoor Adventure Group

The Best Places to Kayak in Arizona:

If you are looking for the Best Places to Kayak in Arizona, you have come to the right place.  The Arizona Kayaking Club & Outdoor Adventure Groupplans weekly camping trips to some of the best camping spots in Arizona.

If you like to kayak, build bonfires, grill out and chill out with a highly entertaining group of campers, you have found the right meetup group.  We are the largest and oldest kayaking club and outdoor adventure group in Arizona.  Join our group and we will take you to kayaking spots and panoramic views that are not listed in any camping guide or vacation travel guide. Our bonfires are bigger, the company is better, and our crowd is friendlier and more easy going than any group in Arizona. If you like the pictures below, bring a camera and you will be able to snap your own post card photos of these picturesque places and many other secret Arizona kayaking and camping spots that we visit frequently. 

Arizona Kayaking Trip Photo Ablums:

Click on the images to see our photo ablums:

 The purpose of this group is to create a large group of friends that love to get together for a weekend of awesome Arizona kayaking trips where we spend the day kayaking around the most pristene moutain pine top lakes, rivers and streams.   At night we camp, grill out  some good chow over hot coals and build a bonfire that makes for good centerpiece for discusssions on lifes latest, news, jokes and political satires. 

In other words, we spend the night laughing and joking and completely forgetting about the hectic world of meetings, email and cell phones and just let go for a while.   This group enjoys all types of outdoor adventures in Arizona, not just kayaking.  We have members in our group from all over Arizona including: Ahwatukee, (Apache Junction, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Mesa, Payson, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Sedona, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

We paddle in many popular spots and some spots that most people never hear about or see in a travel guide.  Our latest kayaking trips have taken us to spots such as Lake Powell, Woods Canyon Lake, Knoll Lake, Bear Canyon Lake, Blue Ridge Reservoir, Upper Salt River, Lower Salt River, Lake Mary, Dead Horse State Park, Verde River, Apache Lake, Lake Pleasant, Lake Roosevelt and many other places throughout Arizona that are awesome for kayaking around the lake for the day.

Many join our group after moving here from another state. If you would like to start building a new group of friends like the ones you left at home, this group is a great place to start. It's free to join, so sign up today and start making new friends that love to get outdoors and make plans to go kayaking with on mountain lakes and rivers throughout Arizona.

The majority of our members range in age from 25-45, including singles, married couples & divorced parents with kids.  Obviously you need to be in good physical shape, know how to swim and wear a lifejacket at all times when on the water.

Take a quick look at past photo albums to review our recent kayak trips and then review our events calendar to find an upcoming event. Pick one and RSVP yes.  Let me know that you are knew and I will personally introduce you or our members.   Just so you know, more than 50% of our attendees are new members, so you wont be the only newbie on trip.  By the end of the weekend, you will feel like you have been hanging out with our group forever.  

Joining this group means you agree with all the Rules of Membership.

And, please remember, I spend a minimum of 30-40 hours week researching, planning, organizing and answering questions about our kayaking trips. Its costs money for the website, cell phone minutes and paying for reservations up front.

Please remember that I manage this group as a volunteer. Please don't complain if everything is not perfect. I quickly delete people who whine, cause drama or incite any type of trouble.