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Starting a Solar Manufacturing Plant in Arizona


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You're invited to attend a seminar with presentations from leading vendors that sell solar manufacturing equipment, solar ingots, solar wafers and solar cells. We are also going to line up solar investment capital speakers to talk about the financial planning needed to finance large solar manufacturing plants.

We are planning an event designed to teach businesses and entrepreneurs in this state how to start a solar manufacturing plant and introduce Arizona to the process of installing solar manufacturing line equipment, growing solar ingots, slicing solar wafers and building solar cell vendors, producing solar panels, creating worldwide marketing programs to create demand and one presentation on evaluating the current commercial spaces available in the Phoenix area that would serve as good spots for solar manufacturing plants.

People we have talked to or plan to invite:

Spire Solar - Stephen Hogan
Solarfun Power Holdings, Ltd. - Andrew Li
Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. - Raymond Chin
Woongjin Energy Corp. - Hakdo Yoo (Sunpower's Supplier)
Solaicx Inc. - John Sedgwick