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Scottsdale, AZ Entry Level Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Training Class

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Scottsdale Entry-Level Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Training Classes

Interested in taking your first step towards a green job in the solar industry?

RSVP Yes and use the PayPal link at the top of the page to pay for your tuition to take the Scottsdale Solar Photovoltaic Training Class from APT, an approved provider of the NABCEP entry level certificate of knowledge exam, which is proctored in class on the last day.

The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Training Classes are produced by the Arizona Solar Power Society (ASPS) and Applied Professional Training (APT). The Arizona Solar Power Society is the largest solar association in Arizona, with more than 600 members. APT is approved to provide the NABCEP entry level certificate of knowledge exam in class, as well as being a nationally accredited premier technical training institution that has trained thousands of students and helped them take the first step towards a career in the electrical energy industry.

The Arizona Solar Power Society helps manage and market APT's solar training classes to individuals in the State of Arizona. APT provides knowledgeable instructors to teach the solar photovoltaic classes. APT's course training and workbook materials are developed in-house by APT, which has extensive experience training workers in the renewable energy, electric power and telecommunications industries. APT is highly recommended for workers pursuing a career path in the solar electric industry.

APT carefully reviews their solar instructors to make sure that they have extensive experience as well as real world solar experience. During the Solar Photovoltaic Training Class, APT solar instructors immerse students with industry knowledge as well as field knowledge while covering detailed technical information from APT designed course material. On the last day of class, an APT approved exam administrator proctors the exam under strict testing guidelines providing an exceptional testing environment to each student.

Solar Photovoltaic courses are stringent and require a good understanding of math; however, the course is designed to bring students up to speed in order to obtain the foundational photovoltaic knowledge increasing an individual’s background of knowledge upon entering the renewable energy realm. APT instructors will teach students the beginning principles of photovoltaic design components and how those relate to a functional solar power system. APT’s entry level solar photovoltaic course is a significant first step in obtaining the knowledge needed in beginning a career in the solar energy business.

The solar photovoltaic course provides 40 hours of solar photovoltaic training. Students attend class from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Each student will learn about solar photovoltaic’s (PV), solar electric power systems, design techniques, equipment functionality as well as components and methods involved in high quality PV systems. A solar system enables energy options, while producing clean green energy.

The solar photovoltaic training class tuition is $1,295, plus tax.

The solar training course materials cover the following solar subject matters:Solar PV Markets and Applications
Solar Installation Safety Basics
Solar Electricity Basics
Solar Energy Fundamentals
Solar PV Module Fundamentals
Solar PV System Components
Solar PV System Sizing
Solar PV System Electrical Design
Solar PV System Mechanical Design
Solar Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
A student that passes the entry level certificate of knowledge exam is awarded the NABCEP™ Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge Program certificate, which proves they have successfully demonstrated a basic knowledge of photovoltaic systems. Listing a NABCEP certificate of knowledge on a resume may increase an individual’s options within professional solar photovoltaic (PV) companies.

If an individual passes the entry level certificate of knowledge exam, they will receive their Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge Program certificate within a two to four week window preceding the test date.

APT is based in California and is a nationally accredited training firm.

Please take a minute to look up their educational and training references: The California Better Business Bureau Gives APT an “A” Rating (
They are approved to provide the NABCEP entry level certificate of knowledge in class
They are a member of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training
They are a member of the Distance Education Training Council
They have a long list of professional industry certifications
They have a long list of student testimonials

APT says that their average pass rate is approximately 80% of students that take the test. Students must have a good understanding of mathematics, electricity and solar power system design to pass the exam, which will be given in class on the last day of training.

The Arizona solar training class is intended to train novice and semi-experienced students with sufficient solar power system design information and how it relates to solar PV systems, enabling successful knowledge of procedures in a high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Pursuing a green job in the solar industry can be a rewarding career path. According to a story on Yahoo! Hot Jobs about Solar Panel Installers, the median annual salary for a solar installer is $44,460.

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