July 5 - 28, 2013
Opening Reception - Sunday, July 14th - 1-3pm
LA Artcore Brewery Annex
Conversation With the Artist: 2pm

LA Artcore presents two approaches to abstraction, with paintings by Velda Ishizaki and a photographic technique by Echo Lew. Both artists rely strongly on feeling in the achievement of their finished works, in very distinct ways.

Velda Ishizaki is a pure abstractionist, who works from the unknown, forming decisions by employing feeling, and a goal of capturing excitement in color and form that can reach into her being and defines its dimensions. She finds the balance between creator and observer intriguing. In one respect she finds it surprising, how much care and attention must be folded into the process, to be able to grasp were a piece is going. Yet the process also teaches her to respect her own instincts. What’s interesting is the way her palettes seem to suggest their own forms – there are earth-toned paintings that have a layered, sedimentary character, and more omni-directional cross-hatched compositions full of bright colors. The painter is presenting the viewer with her personalization of the places where color interacts with itself. At times the artist brings an illusion into the painting, a commentary on the practice, with the back of an observer’s heard just painted in from the edge, or a faint silhouette right in the midst of the abstraction, as though strolling through an impossible landscape.

Echo Lew is a multi-media artist who invests his work with a quality of energy that is devoted to every aspect of his life. He is interested in taking the activity of photography to its highest potential, and this progress may be viewed in his latest body of work, ‘Light Drawing’. Using a long-exposure technique, he captures drawings made with pinpoints of light in a dark environment. Using the camera his movements are captured and flattened in time. He then goes on to explore their visual analog by inverting light and darkness, which are mark and empty space. Suspended as though by a thin silver cord to the simplicity of photographic method, he strives to make the work expansive, not stopping at evidence of the artist’s presence in simple gestures, but building a comprehensive arrangement of movement that appears designed to achieve a certain density, a leaning towards a higher level of the informational in his compositions. Continually reflecting between using light as mark in darkness, and the dark mark in the void of a white surface, he captures and flips his motions, so that it could be said that his work is composed in binary.

(Robert Seitz)

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