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Art of Mind is for anyone who wants to take action and advocate for reason, science, skepticism and rational thinking. We will host Meetups on a regular basis to share our experiences, ideas, tips and strategies. The goal is to help, motivate and learn from each other.

Rational advocacy means spreading awareness or educating about the following topics:

- Science literacy,
- Critical thinking,
- Ethics,
- Reasoned debate and discussion,
- Free speech and free thought,
- Fake news, frauds, myths and scams.

Some of the methods of rational advocacy include:

- Blogging, vlogging or podcasting,
- Speaking at conferences,
- Sharing scientific expertise with industry and the media,
- Organizing workshops,
- Organizing debates or discussions,
- Designing educational or communication aids,
- Designing or selling reason-themed products.

The group is open to professionals, hobbyists and anyone who aspires to become an advocate for reason and rational thinking. It is not a social group, or a group to "meet like-minded people". In order to join you should have an advocacy project or program, or you should at least be motivated and searching for ideas to begin taking action.

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Webinar: How not to support disinformation

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Ray Hall - Effective Teaching of Critical Thinking

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Brain Boosting Workshop: Group Thinking

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