• Cripta Djan solo show 'In the Name of Pixo' | July 13th - 22th. Birmingham, UK

    Just as Carnival, Copacabana or football are synonyms for Brazil for the wider audience, people interested in urban life and especially urban culture will likely think of buildings covered in peculiar scribblings when thinking of the largest country in South America. These prison tattoo-like visuals on the skin of the Brazilian urban surface are called ‘pixação’, and while they are seemingly similar to tagging or graffiti, they are actually representing their own genre. Seen mostly through metropolises of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, this distinctive street writing began in the 1940s and 50s as political statements written in tar and was reborn in the 90s when typography of heavy metal record covers started influencing the styles. With this in mind, the birthplace of heavy metal and the cradle of the aesthetic of the lettering of pixação seemed like the perfect setting for the European debut show of Cripta Djan, the internationally renowned Brazilian pixador from São Paulo. After introducing pixação culture in Paris and Berlin, and filming a feature-length film about it in 2012, Djan will be presenting his solo show “In The Name of Pixo” from 13th - 22nd July in Birmingham. The exhibition is produced in close collaboration between Suben Art Management and Javelin Block. The artworks will be presented in the Tramshed, a former rolling mill located in the centre of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter conservation area, and bring an insight of this unique form of social protest from São Paulo. The exhibition will consist of 25 paintings of words and slogans reflecting on social injustice, usually painted by self-taught and often economically-marginalized people. The artist will exhibit two of his series - “Peripheral Manifesto” and “Code of Conduct”, however, the show will also provide an immediate introduction to the rich history and socio-cultural significance of pixaçao culture itself through selection of authentic photographs, legal documents from artist's lawsuits, timelines, and projections of pixação-related films. A limited edition print of one of the artworks will also be released and available to purchase at the exhibition. The series ''Peripheral Manifesto'' carries the transcription of paragraphs of the manifesto titled ''The Mute Cry of the Invisibles''. In this manifesto, the pixaçao is a cry that spreads through the streets of a great Brazilian metropolis, a mute cry of a whole class of people from the peripheries that are invisible to society. Using paint and the urban landscape as their canvas, these young people have created a way of escaping the social invisibility in which they live. The series ''Code of Conduct'' introduces works constructed with words representing the code of conduct of streets lived by the pixadores. A real complex culture that has its own signs, its rules of honour, its techniques, its way of speaking, and uses an unfamiliar vocabulary for those who do not belong to that world. More information on Cripta Djan can be found at www.criptadjan.com To request the artworks preview catalogue please write to us.


    Store Street Gallery

    An exhibition highlighting editioned artworks from prints to sculpture and photography. On display will be the highly anticipated new collection of map prints by resident artists Yanko Tihov & Ewan David Eason. The exhibition will also introduce emerging artists Barbara Nati & Daniel Warnecke to Store Street Gallery. Exhibition dates: 20 April- 20 May 2017. Private View Thursday 20th April 6-8pm. http://www.storestreetgallery.com/exhibition/editioned-exhibition/

  • September Break


    Dear all, The Arts Facilitation meetup will be taking a break from activities during September, as I am away from London and will only be returning in early October. Will start posting events again as soon as I'm back, hope you have a good productive month and I will look forward to seeing many of you again come October. All my best, Sabina

  • 'Ephemeral' at the Impreint Space

    IMPREINT Space

    Join us for yet another collective art event on Saturday 20 August 2016 from 5pm at the IMPREINT Space. 'Ephemeral' will feature choreographic and performance-based activities, and you are invited to share your funky side with us on the day. The event will host offbeat DJs, body painters, a growing collection of neons, live video, summerish cocktails and a sophisticated cheese monger's tasting session. By nightfall, performance will be the word! Do feel free to share and invite your friends, those of you who have been here before know how laid back and full of interesting poeple these gatherings are: https://www.facebook.com/events/111197052658355/ 601 Green Lanes, entrance via back staircase on Beresford Rd, London N8 0RE Sabina[masked]

  • Artangel: The Ethics of Dust

    Houses of Parliament

    NB I have reserved ten tickets for this visit and will allocate them on a first come, first served basis. We meet promptly at 5pm at the Cromwell Green Parliament entrance (visitor's entrance) and go in together. Please don't be late as we will not be able to wait. See map here (our meeting point is number 8 on the map). Artangel produces some of the most thoughtful and spectacular artistic installations I have seen in London, and this is an opportunity not to miss. Tickets are free and you can get them individually for other dates and times if you can't make this visit, just make sure you do so fast as the installation is selling out fast. ★★★★★ the Guardian ★★★★★ Time Out ★★★★★ London Evening Standard The Ethics of Dust is installed in the oldest existing building in the Houses of Parliament. Over 50 metres long, this cast of Westminster Hall's east wall contains hundreds of years of surface pollution and dust held captive in translucent latex. Suspended from the roof and hung parallel to the east wall, the work is the result of a cleaning process in which latex was sprayed onto the walls of this UNESCO world heritage site, then peeled off, gently lifting dirt from the surface. Backlit and further illuminated by natural light from the hall's high windows, the amber glow of this sculptural installation commands a moment of consideration for the what John Ruskin once called “that golden stain of time.” Sabina [masked]

  • Solo 2. Nine artists doing their own thing. Together.

    The Meeting Rooms

    SOLO Projects in collaboration with Art Junction presents: art jam and pop-up exhibition with visual art and live music in Neal's Yard, Covent Garden. Join us for an evening of art and music whose organisers are members of this group, with art by Ronis Varlaam, Mal Leyland, Rekha Sameer, Jenny Harvey, Elsa Gallimore, Lynsey Crystal, Zoe Landau Kolson, Alexandra Karr and Impreint. Exhibition is open 11am - 9.30pm and we will be visiting at 7pm. Sabina[masked]

  • Maybe your lens is scratched?

    The Averard Hotel

    Join us for a visit to an art exhibition in the dilapidated building of a former West End hotel. Part architectural exploration, part art installation, this pop-up exhibition by Slate Projects offers a fertile idea for curating, producing and displaying art in London. More details and pictures here: http://slateprojects.com/exhibitions. Sabina[masked]

  • 36. Ad-Hoc International Artist Collective

    IMPREINT Space

    Artist IMPREINT invites you to a non-stop 36-hours rooftop event taking place at his space starting from 12 noon on Saturday 16 July 2016, till midnight 17 July. We are visiting the Jeff Koons exhibition on the same day and will be heading up to the IMPREINT space straight after, for those who want to join us for both. Otherwise, we will be arriving at the space around 6.30pm, and will meet everyone there. The exhibition will showcase work by artists from all around the world. On the evening, we'll have a poet reading paragraphs from art books in a shisha lounge area, latin barbecue, wine selection, artist talks and introductions, a cheesemonger session, mats for sleeping or chatting and a dj all night long in the usual neon-sparkling vibe of the IMPREINT rooftop. 601 Green Lanes, entrance via back staircase on Beresford Rd, London N8 0RE. Artists: Lylia Afif - Algeria, Elmadani Belmadani - Morocco, Jevgenija Bitter - Latvia, Luana Burton - Italy, Richard Butty - United Kingdom, Lynsey Crystal - United Kingdom, Bilal Dafri - Algeria, Ilya Falchevsky - Russia, Giulia Guerrini - Italy, Ana Lagidze - Georgia, Jagannath Ganpat Mistry - Brazil, Conleth Moran - United Kingdom, Ernesto Muniz - Mexico, Iwasaki Nagi - Japan, Kimvi Nguyen - Vietnam, Adrie Van de Nieuwenhof - Netherlands, Mariana Samandourou - Greece, Ronis Varlaam - United Kingdom, Jesse Wood - United Kingdom, Gonca Yengin - Singapore. https://www.facebook.com/events/740554599381426/

  • Jeff Koons: Now

    Newport Street Gallery

    Dear all, I will be away from mid June until early July, but here's one for when I'm back: Jeff Koons is widely considered to be one of the most significant artists to have emerged in the postwar era. Since the late 1970s, his diverse work has explored themes pertaining to taste, consumerism, mass culture, beauty, acceptance, and the role of the artist. ‘Now’ is the first major UK exhibition to be devoted to the artist since ‘Jeff Koons: Popeye Series’, at the Serpentine Gallery in 2009. Spanning thirty-five years of the artist’s extraordinary career, ‘Now’ features over thirty paintings, works on paper and sculptures dating from 1979 to 2014. Drawn from Hirst’s collection, a number of these works have never before been shown in the UK. Like his work or not, this show is one not to miss. And here is Jonathan Jones' devastating review for your reading pleasure: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/may/19/jeff-koons-now-review-damien-hirst-donald-trump?CMP=fb_gu. Sabina[masked]

  • Casting Light | Private View | 23 June

    Store Street Gallery

    We are pleased to present ‘Casting Light’, an exhibition of works by David Walker and Claire Wiltsher. http://www.storestreetgallery.com/exhibition/casting-light/ Claire Wiltsher was born in Wales and studied at both Lancashire and Northumbria Universities. In 2010 she received the ‘Rosemary and Co’ Society of Women Artists annual award and was selected for the 2010 Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Her oil and mixed media canvases combine layers of paint with fragments of collage. She scratches through sections of the painting to allow colours from underneath to emerge. “I want to create evocative paintings of land and sea that show a sense of place; different weather conditions are key elements”. Claire uses brushes and different size palette knives to build up layers and create depth. Award winning artist David Walker works in both oil paints and watercolours. Before concentrating on illustration and fine art painting David’s trained and practiced as an architect. As a painter, therefore, David’s work is primarily concerned with the built environment. The play of light and atmosphere on the manmade forms of our cities. David is a three times winner of the Frank Herring award at both the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, as well as a recipient of the Rowland Hilder award and ‘The Artist’ magazine award. ‘’The works in this exhibition are concerned with my ongoing fascination with the built environment and in particular, London, it’s atmospheres, moods and forms. The paintings aim to express a kind of curious beauty of the everyday, and record glimpses as almost abstract compositions of colour, light and form.”