London, 17

Joined group

Mar 3, 2015


Street art and graffiti enthusiast - blogger/photographer/street art tour guide. Unhealthy obsession with Instagram.

How did you hear about this community?

Via Sabina Andron/Lee Bofkin

What do you expect from becoming a member of our group?

Know about more exhibitions in London and to get to know like-minded art lovers.

If you were to propose an event for this group, what would that be?

Just go out and take a look at your surroundings; you would be amazed of what you can find if you keep an open eye and mind.

Can you help us spread the word and get more Londoners into art?

Yes of course. I can post the group's link on Facebook: personal page and the FB page I run for my blog.

Email address for London art events correspondence