I AM MORE ...than what THEY believe I am (A Healing Conference)

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Join us on Saturday, Oct 12 for this exciting healing experience that will give you the power to transcend negative and toxic thoughts, memories, ideas & behaviors that others in your life (family, friends, co-workers) think & believe about you and demonstrate towards you that cause pain, despair, and unease in your unavoidable dealings with them.

These mental & emotional prisons that most of us find ourselves in has had some traumatic & debilitating effects on our overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

Some people in our lives have chosen to NOT see us past our past mistakes or have chosen to continually view us through the hurts in their hearts.

This has left us either infected with the disease to please (often at great cost to us) or left us questioning our worth and value as a result of constant micro-emotional abuse dealt to us in the "name of love".

This 2-hour masterclass will give you the powerful knowledge & tools needed to begin to make the right choices for your Soul, Mind & Body, choices that will lead you beyond your current situation.

This masterclass will teach how to;
- Explore the potential & possibilities that your true DIVINE POWER has over your relationships & experiences
- Open your heart to your own inner power & strength
- Unlearn what you have believed about yourself that allows others to mistreat you
- Create the life that you desire & decide is worth having

Light refreshments will be served.

This series will be facilitated by Harry Ogbogu.
The event is hosted by Michelle Paul & JoAnne Barnes

Michelle is the co-author of the women's empowerment best -selling book "Body Talk; Finding the Beauty in You". She is a co-founder of "The Ultimate Woman Project" and is currently changing lives via En2MeSee, a support group that empowers individuals with tools to develop a new mindset about living from a place of empowerment.

Harry is a Teacher and founder of Ascend Higher, a healing & emotional wellbeing community located in Houston, TX with a presence in 5 other cities across the US. Harry's joy & purpose is to offer a compassionate, uplifting, healing and supportive space for Ascend's members to thrive in being their highest & most authentic selves.