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Truth Heals. This is the core belief that drives our vision & mission.

ASCEND HIGHER is an enlightened learning community and healing space for you to become awakened, whole & free.

The answer to the question "Who do I know that I am?" is where your emotional wellbeing & freedom lies.

ASCEND HIGER's love-mission is to guide you into the truth about your Wellbeing, your Consciousness, the Soul, and the Mind. The interactive teachings offered focuses on truths about your purpose, your past, your path, your patterns, your desires and wellbeing beyond the biases of religion or morality.

It is our joy to offer to you inspirational knowledge, new perspectives, new models of thinking, & self-care tools that will encourage your healing, growth & expansion in all areas of your life .

We hope that this meetup will be a supportive space for you to thrive in as continue your journey into being your highest & most authentic self.

Join this growing movement and begin the journey into your bliss that you know you deserve!

For more visit us at https://www.iascend.me/

For more about our founder Harry visit https://www.harryogbogu.com/

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How to Be More CONFIDENT in Yourself - An Online Event

Online event

Join us every Sunday to ascend into a more fulfilling and abundant state of wellness and wellbeing with TRANSCEND. TRANSCEND is a weekly emotional healing masterclass with a mission to bring you into a much more deserving, empowered, happy & loving life experience. This masterclass is taught by Harry Ogbogu. It is our intention to address the healing of your heart with new life-affirming teachings about your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your relationship with your past, your relationship with your patterns & your relationship with your purpose. Many of us live have learned to live with issues of abandonment, rejection, shame, guilt, & helplessness that came from unloving & unkind life experiences. The pain from the past has left us feeling unwanted, feeling unloveable, feeling unattractive, feeling unacceptable, feeling damaged & unworthy & feeling unimportant because we do not have the tools that can support us in becoming healed, whole, and free. A lively and interactive Q&A segment of the workshop allows for a deeper journey into personal truths We meet every Sunday online from 11 AM-Noon CST JOIN US LIVE: on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gq8xOvUhHSM or on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/iascendhigher/live or on our website https://www.iascend.me/live

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A Sunday Online Meditation

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