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High Windy and High Top - 8 miles - Strenuous

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I heard about some interesting trails behind the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. It took me a couple years to pay them a visit. I finally scouted this hike about 2 weeks ago. The views are amazing but the trail is tough. There are a lot of different loop options in the area. I consider these a sort of hidden gem since there are not very well known.

The trail starts with a quick ascent. We will take our time and stop as necessary. A 2mph pace is more than enough for this climb.

Once we reach the ridge line (~3 miles) the trail mellows out and is much more manageable.

We will take a .75mi spur to Black knob where we can rest and snack or have lunch.

We will then retrace our path to the ridge line and continue on top High Windy (.5mi) and High Top (1mi).


Length: 8 Miles - will feel like 10+

Rating: Strenuous - You have been warned

Elevation gain: 1600ft+

Trail Condition: Well maintained but starts with a steep climb up

Trail type: Reverse lollipop loop with spurs

Bring the usual stuff

This hike is not dog friendly; park rules not mine

Bring Poles if you have them