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The purpose of this Healing circle is to offer support and perspective on what you are currently working with on your healing journey. Disease, injury, patterns of abuse, or other forms of emotional unrest may simply be a call to return to yourself, admit desires, and/or create a life rooted in your vision. While that which we each focus on in our own healing paths are important, the act of simply being with one another can open doors to new possibilities for healing for everyone. Through storytelling, invitations to connect with yourself, and a safe supportive atmosphere we will each focus on what we have chosen to heal today. The circle is held by Adreanna Michelle, Niasziih healing practitioner.

Regardless of what you're facing, this space is for you.

This session will last for two hours. Chairs will be provided but if you prefer a yoga mat or meditation cushion, feel free to bring what will support your comfort.

Niasziih Healing is the earth centric healing philosophy that allows the healer to become a place of healing. -Wilderness Fusion

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