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Our current Archery Members are all merging and joining with our new archery Meetup Group! If you want to join us, don’t sign up as a New Member here. Instead be sure to click on the following link to join as a member in our Ashland Archery Open Range Meetup Group. It’s fast and easy.

https://www.meetup.com/Ashland-Archery-Open-Shoot-Meetup/ (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8ZdzkWVRDnCVXmF-2BVHzNi-2F4hAD6-2FwunmzotlCxkx6l-2BI01NN-2F7CoqQmDrE3YLDxkTRCFSup2eirbcZe6qwz7WMtq0-3DVPZW_FV-2BwWNWQQxMtbuo1U0ulktWKCe1e-2FRlbDHgyxXGIilYqCAoQUhnni-2B-2BYyfCNAJxUbS8iG6C-2BOMXM3jcksouDXqwYnhbSAScTuU6sZMYVZi73c5p30utUTgtpi5M1tN0LerqwzlAp4Mt3ag119duHwJg7zWLyUwj3ZGuPOWv60mr0a4ayLAoMEohWF375wUpel3f6w9q0KrcIvb88zN9GF6-2F6M9YE4nRlNJt7CpGOR3A-3D)

Moonbow Archery is Southern Oregons Recognized Expert in Intuitive, Instinctive-Style Archery. We call this: Aiming From the ❤️.

We currently offer weekly Indoor/Outdoor archery sessions at our private Ashland Archery Venue called, “Sherwood”. We have an assortment of targets at varying distances, including some 3D targets. Our focus is practicing Instinctive-Style Archery using Intuitive Aiming Methods.

Sherwood is located on a private property in the Ashland. In order to shoot with our regular group of archers at Sherwood, we require that you first attend one of our Orientation Sessions.

Attending an Orientation Session is required even if you have prior archery experience!!! In this session we’ll shoot some rounds together and go over safety, use of equipment, archery etiquette and site orientation at Sherwood.

Beginners are welcome and have an opportunity to learn archery from our certified Archery Instructors.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer Drop-In sessions at Sherwood!

Text Lloyd for Orientation Session cost and details at: 808-870-6131

If you have your own bow, you are welcome to bring it providing it has no pins/peep sights and is under 45lb draw weight.

Our motto is: Aim from the Heart

Check out our website at: http://www.moonbowarchery.com (http://www.moonbowarchery.com/)

Please help us spread the word by "Liking Us" on FB and Sharing with your friends: https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/ (https://www.meetup.com/Ashland-Archery-Open-Shoot-Meetup/)

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS AT SHERWOOD: We continue to be mindful of all State Health and Safety requirements! Practicing archery at Sherwood allows us to utilize appropriate Social Distancing. If you are not feeling well, please be sure to seek immediate medical assistance! We will be happy to discuss your archery questions and sign you up for one of our Orientation sessions when you are healthy.

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