Past Meetup

Ganbei Mixer & drinks/FREE appetizers @ the Far Bar (Los Angeles)

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In olden times, here was an ancient Buddhist monk, Ji Gong, who broke the ordinances, eating meat and drinking wine. He was very kind-hearted, though, and because he attained magical powers, he used them to rescue people in need. One tale tells of how he crashes a wedding and abducts the bride, leading the entire village to chase after him. Why? To rescue the village from a collapsing mountain, of course.

On Thursday 8/8, we do a good deed, pat ourselves on the back with a drink and empty our glass as we cheer Ganbei! (Pronounced "gone bay")

There's Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans, St Patrick's Day for the Irish and now there's Ganbei Day where everyone can celebrate Chinese/Asian culture and pride.

Commemorate this historic inaugural celebration at Far bar with special drinks, old friends and new friends...and if anything, it's a great reason to get out and have a drink on a Thursday. Feel free to invite your friends and hope to see you there!

FAR BAR will be providing some free appetizers starting at 6pm (first come, first served) and drink specials so come by, grab a snack and chill!

Far Bar is a great place to drink, chill and catch up with friends, perfect location for GanBei event. The bar is well stocked and the bartenders make great drinks. There is also an outdoor patio to enjoy a cool LA evening.


Disclaimer: The event organization will not be responsible for any accident or claim resulting from the consumption of alcohol during and after the event.