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AsiaVR Meetup x Pixel

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AsiaVR Meetup x Pixel


It's our first meetup of 2019! We are really excited for the year ahead with many new 2nd gen hardware due to be launched. In this meetup, we have speakers sharing about technology studies and also their research to tell us what we can expect moving forward.

Food and drinks will be available from 6pm and the talks will start from 7pm. Details of the talks are below:

1) IMDA will be sharing on the Immersive Media Tech Roadmap and PIXEL’s new Immersive Experiences Lab offering.

It is heartening to us in the VR community to have support from IMDA and it is great for them to share about the trends, challenges and opportunities that will affect the digital economy in particular to the field of VR and AR.

You can find out more about the Tech Roadmap here where you can find the Immersive Media and Advance Interfaces version:

The Immersive Experiences Lab is a new initiative that will be ongoing throughout the year to provide more facilities to explore new VR and AR hardware and software to expand their capabilities. You can tour the current lab space before or after the meetup.

2) Lemnis Technologies is a Singapore-based company that builds the core technology to drive next-generation headsets and make AR/VR/MR viable as the next computing platform by eliminating sensory conflicts in VR and AR. They won a CES Innovation award in January 2019 for their verifocal lens technology. Singapore Pride!

Their CEO, Dr. Pierre-Yves Laffont, will be here to share more about their platform. Find out more about Lemnis at

3) is a startup incubated at Mediacorp and have been working with Crescent Girls School to launch the first Mixed Reality (Hololens) learning space in Singapore. They will be sharing about their work with the school, the lessons learned, the intricacies of deploying for the education field and the solution title. Will also introduce a little more about what the company does and what else is planned folowing the launch at CGS.

Their CEO and co-founder, Terence Loo, will here to share. He has been involved in AR back from 2010 where they developed custom mobile AR projects for clients. Find out more about them on

4) Dr. Elke E Reinhuber will be sharing about Secret Detours and Yunan Garden VR which is her current research project that captures and represent the experience of being inside the Yunnan Garden on NTU's campus in various different immersive media formats such as 360 video, panoramic video, Full dome, Roomscale VR.

If anyone wants to do or knows someone who would like to share in this session or in the next sessions. Do drop us a note.
10 Central Exchange Green · Singapore
How to find us

Level 1, Collaboration Space of Pixel Building. A 3 minutes walk from One North MRT (exit from portsdown road side)

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