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This group is a platform to discuss topics relating to the religion of Islam and to address issues relating to Islamophobia, Women's Rights in Islam, Political Structure of Islam, comparative religion study etc. Our main goal is to educate people of different faith and remove the misconceptions spread by the irresponsible media and exploited and exaggerated by some careless politicians. This is a non-profit group and all the events conducted are open to public for free and is sponsored by the organizers of the group. The target meetup is up to 4-5 meetups per year. This is an attempt to share knowledge and build communities based on understanding rather than ignorance. The intent of this group is to show you the true teachings of Islam. It is very important to convey the world that Muslims are ready to communicate and we are open to discuss about our religion. We are promoting peace and solidarity. We are promoting education and knowledge. The message that should go out to this world with the events conducted by this group is that, we may have our differences in the terms of religion and beliefs but we can discuss them in a humble way and understand each other. There are people who are aggressively promoting Anti Islam and we will promote Islam which means peace and its teachings are never against the humanity in fact it is for the betterment of the humanity. Many people have a different way of looking at Islam and we expect some good questions to come forward in our discussions which can be addressed and shown to the world and you can imagine how many people will be at ease with the clarification that they will get. There is so much of ignorance and the fear of the unknown out there and this is the reason we need to educate people by conducting sessions like these. We are not here to confront with anyone. We are here to make peace and promote peace. It’s OK to have difference of opinion but it’s very important that your difference of opinion are conveyed in a graceful manner. We want to make sure that when our guest attend our meetup they will leave with optimism and compassion towards Muslims around the world in their heart. Please feel free to join us.

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Hajj Explained. The Great Muslim Pilgrimage to Makkah
World Hijab Day

Schaumburg Township District Library

ISLAMIC CALIPHATE - What does it really mean?

Schaumburg Township District Library


Schaumburg Township District Library

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