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Doug Noblehorse - Imaginal Astrology

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Saturday Workshop
Location: Granite Reef Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Doug Noblehorse - Imaginal Astrology

Where does the universal power of Astrology come from? Is it possible to materially and objectively measure and evaluate the validity of astrology, as some astrologers believe? Or are there deeper cosmic influences at work - powers that we don’t yet understand? In this talk we’ll explore the idea that Astrology as an archetypal form comes to us from the mundus imaginalis, otherwise known as the Imaginal Realm.

And no, the Imaginal Realm as a concept does not come to us from the Twilight Zone or Star Trek. And also no, the realm of the Imaginal is not subjective, personal fantasy or imagination run wild. Rather, this Imaginal Realm is home to the universal archetypes that are the source of deeply felt experience and wisdom that shapes our objective reality. This is where we can posit the source of Inspiration, that provides us with writing, music and all forms of art. This is where we find the power of Love, to be a bit cliched.

Along the way we’ll visit Ancient Egypt’s connection to the Imaginal Realm (as suggested by Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D.) and compare it to the Egyptian roots of astrology.

The Imaginal Realm is where this talk suggests that the archetypal form of Astrology exists, drawing power and energy from deeper mathematical realities (such as Sacred Geometry). But think about this. This Imaginal Astrology is the purest form possible; when one looks around the physical world one sees many different forms of astrology. So, one method we’ll use to resolve the difference is through a mental exercise where we’ll explore how much of Astrology as we know it can be stripped away - and still be Astrology.

Where we’ll arrive though should surprise no astrologer though - as it all boils down to the planets.

As the lecture morphs into a workshop, we’ll talk about the planets, we’ll talk about Lots (which are measures of planetary relationships) and we’ll (re)visit and (re)explore the idea of personal or Natal Antiscia - and why perhaps they’re important not only to one’s physical, material life but also why they can be crucial avenues towards deeper, personal awarenesses of cosmic realities.

Doug Noblehorse Bio:
Doug has been studying astrology for over 50 years, after a Reader's Digest article sparked a lifelong passion for the stars. He is a former ASA board member, having been Education Director for a time. Currently Doug is working with traditional astrology looking to integrate ancient astrological wisdom into our modern world. His website can be found at "" (…)