What's ahead for 2019 and the Grand Mutation of 2020 by Robert Wilkinson

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Free Introductory Astrology class 12:30 - 1:00pm
Paid Lecture ($20 members / $25 public) 1:00-4:30pm

2019 will be an important year as we approach the "Grand Mutation" of 2020 which will usher in a new Aquarian pulse for 20 years. As 2019 also features Jupiter in its Sagittarius home closing in on Saturn in its Capricorn home, with both closing in on Pluto, this year has major implications for every person wherever it's happening in their chart, as well as the charts of nations. Humanity is at an evolutionary turning point as we approach the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 1 Aquarius, opening the door to the coming "Spring of the 21st Century" beginning 2025.
The program will include an overview of 2019 on the individual, social, and spiritual levels, and explain various evolutionary configurations affecting everyone which will be in play throughout the year. We will take a look at general factors, and the second part of the program will explore how these things apply to the individual charts of those in attendance. Among other things, we will explore "the Grand Irrationality," what it is, how long we've been and will be going through it, and the ongoing "Rhombus Diamond" octile-driven friction in the atmosphere. We all understand there is friction in the general atmosphere, as well as a high degree of non-rational behavior in the past and present. This talk will explain why, and what we can do to navigate it with skill while assisting our friends and clients to do the same.

Volunteer audience birth charts will be utilized for additional learning.

Robert Wilkinson is a practicing professional astrologer with more than 45 years of experience as a counselor, public speaker, author, publisher, and strategic analyst. His education in humanistic psychology, historical cycles, and Eastern and Western wisdom traditions has shown him how astrological patterns point us toward ways to live a more Soulful existence, so we may become the perfect expression of our Higher Self. His website is one of the longest running astrological websites, offering thousands of articles on a wide variety of astrological, metaphysical, and cultural subjects to visitors from over 130 countries. He is the author of "Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend," as well as the pioneering work “A New Look at Mercury Retrograde,” the first major work on the subject, and “Love Dad,” a grief manual for those who have lost a loved one. He also has other books in development, including one exploring the mysterious mind of cats.