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Friday, September 21, 2012; Ancient Astrology: Beyond the Tetrabiblos

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Details Ancient Astrology: Beyond the Tetrabiblos

For the past five years, Andrea has been studying ancient Greek and Latin in order to render ancient astrological texts into English. During this lecture, she will present the ancient concepts that she has uncovered, from both Porphyry of Tyre's book "An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos" as well as the content of Vettius Valens' first book of his anthology. These concepts will prove enlightening for any serious student of astrology. Andrea will include such topics as the concept of "sect" within the chart, planetary beam theory, aspects, the ascensional times of the signs, "ultimate rulership" within the nativity, and more.

Getting to Know Andrea Gehrz

Andrea Gehrz is a practicing astrologer in Portland, Oregon, having done countless readings for a delightful and varied group of clients in her ten years of experience. Andrea loves doing consultations as well as astrological research, and her current interests are astrological remediation, the astrology of relationships, children's readings, addiction relief through astrology, and the intricate timing of everyday life in order to optimize the energies of the chart.

Ms. Gehrz has published two ancient Greek translations of astrological texts, the first of which won an Independent Book Publishing Award. She is soon to publish a book on Astrological Remediation. For more information on Andrea and her work, go to Contact her at [masked] or[masked] .

Scheduling a Consultation with Andrea

Andrea will be providing astrological consultations during her stay in Phoenix!

Available dates include Friday, September 21 and Sunday, September 23. To book a reading, contact Andrea at: [masked] Please enter Chart Consultation--Phoenix as the Subject of the email (if it doesn't already appear).

Cost: $150 per hour. ($50 chart drawing, $100/hr consulting rate) Payment method is pre-payment through PayPal at

Reading Location: To be announced

Time: Send your preferred time, and Andrea will let you know if it is available!

Description: When a client books a reading with Andrea Gehrz, she begins her process by hand drawing the chart. Andrea then works through a remedial lens to uncover a myriad of ways in which to handle and maximize the current and future life situation. Andrea works with clients to optimize the needs of the chart on a physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral level. Each reading lasts one hour and includes hand written notes, exact dates, and the hand drawn chart itself.

The techniques through which Andrea reads the schematic diagram of the chart itself have been derived through extensive study. Andrea has spent over six years reading and translating ancient Greek astrological texts, has attended Kepler College for Astrological Arts and Sciences, and has worked as a consulting and researching astrologer for over ten years. The methods through which Andrea heals through the use of Astrology are vast and eclectic -- from happy-compositing to sending love notes on hard transits, Andrea sees no method as being too wacky for the individualized and magical study of Astral Healing!

And don't forget our Free Class 6:30 - 7:00.

This month our Education Director, Doug Noblehorse, will be speaking about the 8th house.

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