Past Meetup

ASA Monthly Meeting


September 19 Lecture
Christy Hall
"The Cyclic Nature of Time with Lunations"
7:00 pm Doors Open
Meeting starts 7:30pm

Although clocks and watches are round and we measure our days and years by orbits and revolutions, we still commonly think of time as a straight line measuring forward or backward or as something flat But like the seasons, we too are meant to go through a process of change psychologically and physically as we mature. If you have a firm grasp of the lunation phases’ process of birth, growing, decaying to dissolving which leads to re-birth, you can understand how to help the client that asks, “Am I doing what I should be doing?” or “How can I best use my time?” and even more importantly, “What is my purpose?” The lunation phase tells us very specifically the manner in which the individual will grow and how the psyche experiences purpose and the life lessons carried within that purpose. Discover how the lunation phase can help you understand the path of learning and experience.
$8 for Members, $10 for Guests

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