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Open Houses are on the 5th and 20th of every month and are free and open to the public. Tonight's open house is the 'first' of the winter schedule and the public session begins at 8pm! It is a set program, so you should be on time. (If you wish to observe only, please sign up for the Observatory mailing list to get notified of impromptu observing-only sessions.)

Our programs are normally in English, but on occasion we will have special language sessions... like tonight! The presentation will first be given in Spanish at 7pm and then in English at 8pm.

El observatorio de la Universidad de Maryland esta organizando una charla en español el Lunes 5 de Noviembre a las 7 pm. La charla estará a cargo del profesor del Depto. de Astronomía Alberto Bolatto. El título de la charla es: "Exoplanetas en Abundancia". La charla es gratuita y no es necesario hacer reservas.
If you wish to attend the Spanish session, please arrive at about 6:45pm.

If you wish to attend the English session, please arrive at about 7:45pm.