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"The End of the Universe and I Feel Fine" at the HR MacMillan Space Centre

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It's the end of the Universe and I feel fine
Saturday, November 17, 8:00 pm at the Space Centre. Admission by donation.
Raminder Samra — UBC graduate student of astronomy and astrophysics.
Do you believe the world will end on December 21, 2012? Such a catastrophe will be far from the case explains Raminder Samra, staff Astronomer at the Space Centre. In all likelihood, the world will end one day but maybe not as soon as some people may think. Raminder Samra will guide the audience on an tour of how astronomers believe that one day the Earth will meet its end — starting from the Big Bang, then progressing to the formation of our Solar System, and finally, to how our Earth will end and what is to be expected to happen to our Universe in the far future. Raminder Samra ( has had a lifelong passion for astronomy. He is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia studying astronomy and astrophysics. For his graduate work, his research incorporates using large optical telescopes to study Globular Clusters and searching for the mysterious intermediate mass black holes. Aside from research and outreach duties, he is also an avid backyard astronomer and astrophotographer.