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Euchre Tournament at Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs.

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The Euchre Tournament will be held in the large meeting room to the left and to the back of the front entrance. The entry fee for the tournament is $10. There is room for 64 players. There is a wait list and quite often there are last minute cancellations so I will call the next person on the wait list.

Registration will begin at 11:AM, play begins at 11:30. People who have RSVP'd and arrive before 11:25 will be given priority to play. If we have some people not show up and we don't have enough people to fill a table it is possible that the last player/s arriving may not get to play. Remember there is a WAIT LIST so we can have more than 60 signed up. For players who RSVP'd with guests I need the names for your guests to make up the player score cards. I ALSO NEED PHONE NUMBERS SO I CAN CALL PEOPLE IF THEY DON'T SHOW BY 11:30 TO CHECK ON THEIR STATUS. WHEN PEOPLE DON'T SHOW OTHER PEOPLE CAN'T PLAY SO I NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER IN ORDER TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT. The window for RSVP'ing will close the Thursday night before the tournament so we can print out all the cards with the players' names on Friday and be ready for Saturday. If something happens that you can't make it please call me as soon as possible; I know unexpected things can happen.

The winner will be decided by the total points won during 5 rounds of 16 hands per round played with a different partner each round. We will rotate tables and partners with each round. The name of the game is Euchre and the penalty for being euchred is the player that named trump pays a quarter to the cup on the table. The euchre money is paid to the person/s who have the most loners during the tournament. Prizes are awarded to the top three point winners.

I have changed the settings so that a member may bring 12 guests. So if you have more friends who want to play bring them along. Please read through the rules below, especially number 6, "COMMENTS".



The first person to pick up the cards will shuffle the deck and offer a cut to the player on his right. He then deals out the cards one at a time starting on the left. The first player to receive a jack of any color deals.


The dealer must offer a cut to the player on his right, the person cutting makes only one cut and will stack the cards together again for the dealer. Failure to offer the cut must be called out before the trump card is turned up by the dealer. If called the deal goes to the next player. The purpose of the cut is to make it more probable that the bottom card wasn't seen by anyone, so it only follows that the dealer is required to keep the cards down so no one can see the bottom card while dealing. If a card is flipped up while dealing the dealer can deal over again, if a card is flipped up on the second deal, then the deal passes to the player on the left, it doesn't count as one of the 16 hands.

Dealing must be done starting left of the dealer and in 2 rounds. You must deal in sets of 2 or 3 cards. If not dealt properly anyone can insist it be dealt again and counts as one of the dealers tries. If the dealer notices that he doesn't have the 4 cards for the kitty before he turns up the top card he may collect all the cards, without penalty, and deal again. It counts as one try.

Once the dealer turns up the top card if any error is discovered, the hand is over. This is a misdeal and this hand is over even if he has not tried to deal twice. This does not count as one of the 16 hands.

Each player gets only two tries to successfully deal a proper hand. Like tennis the dealer only gets two chances to deal correctly before losing the deal.


Each player in turn may order trump up, call trump, or pick up trump even if they have none of that suit in their hand. While calling trump, take care not to "table talk inappropriately". Saying "I will leave it to my partner" to call or pick up the turned up card from the kitty is inappropriate. Everyone should order trump or pass in a timely manner, especially the dealer's partner. The dealer's partner appearing to want to order up the turned up card and then backing out is considered a signal to the dealer that he/she could help the dealer but doesn't want to commit. This is considered table talk. Inappropriate table talk is any talk or action that is beneficial to the players of one team. If there is inappropriate table talk the affected team may call a misdeal if they want and the deal will go to the next player. A misdeal does not count as one of the 16 hands. Answering questions like, "what is trump" and "who played what card" is not table talk, but a player should not be telling his partner that "the trick is his, and his partner shouldn't trump it", that is giving direction to his partner which is an advantage and is considered table talk.

A RENEGE MAY BE CORRECTED BEFORE THE NEXT TRICK IS LED WITHOUT PENALTY. If it is discovered later, then the reneger's opposing team gets 2 points, 4 if the player was going alone.

If a player decides to go alone a player on the opposing team can decide to defend alone, then whoever takes 3 tricks that team gets 4 points. If either player reneges the other team gets 4 points. The winner is credited with a loner. If the player that called trump loses it is a euchre and he must pay the cup a quarter.

We will play STICK THE DEALER to keep the games moving. My experience is that the dealer makes it most of the time with quite a few of those times the dealer goes alone. A few times the opposing team passes for a euchre but not as often as the dealer makes a point.


It is up to the player to the dealer's left to not lead before the dealer discards, which is a disadvantage to them. It would be an advantage to the dealer's team if the dealer's partner plays a card before the dealer discards. If this happens that trick will go to the opposing team.

If a player’s partner leads out of turn, the player to the left of the offending player may demand that the suit shown be led by the offending player's partner or that the suit shown can't be led. Of course this can only happen if the offending player can fulfill the demand. It is possible that he may not have any of the suit shown or he may only have the suit shown in his hand. Common sense must be used.


A card laid is a card played, so be careful. One exception is if the player reneged and discovers it before the next trick is led it can be corrected. If the person who reneged changes his card played to follow suit all the players after him or her can change their card played also.

All tricks must be played out, throwing all the cards in is not acceptable. This will be done so that everyone can see all the cards that are played.


The most important thing to remember is that we are here to have fun. Good manners and friendly play are the rules at all times, anything less will not be acceptable. Everyone makes mistakes at times but they should not be pointed out during this tournament. Yes we did pay an entry fee and we are playing for a prize but the money is not worth losing friends or the chance to play in the future.

Playing at Hudson Grille is very convenient to the majority of players and a very nice venue. Please spend money freely and tip the waiters well, it will make them happy and keep the door open for the next tournament. If there are any issues with tournament players or with Hudson Grille please inform me first so I can work at resolving them quickly.