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You have always wanted to dress nicely "like those other guys", but you've never focused your energy on it; you know that you decidedly lack style. On the other hand it has always been too overwhelming to learn how to dress with classic (but not stuffy) style, so you never have.

NOTE: We are NOT in the clothing or fashion industry thus we are not trying to sell you anything (other than sell you on joining our group and attending our meetups!)

Our first goal is 50 founding members: read on to learn more...

This group is being organized by me, a man who less than one year ago was clueless about men's style (today is Thanksgiving Nov 2014) but with the help of a professional stylist I recently had my eyes open about style. Now I badly wants to learn more. But what I am not clueless about is that the best way to learn is to organize a meetup[1] and provide a reason experts would want to present their knowledge to me, and lots of others who want to learn the same!

Now I can't wait to decide what I'll wear for the day, and why! But I want to learn more.

So I'm starting this group in hopes of creating a male peer group who cares about classic and timeless men's style but who a mostly clueless about it and want to change that. Note that specifically this group is about Style:"classic, timeless style" and not about Fashion: "this season's latest hot (and expensive) clothing (that we would not be caught dead in within a few years time.)" This group is about learning to build a waredrobe filled with items that can last a decade or more.

What will this group do? I'll look to you for your suggestions, but one idea is that I would organize field trips to retailers, tailors and/or other style guides with a goal of raising our collective MSQ (Men's Style Quotient).

Will this group work? Not sure, but time will tell. After reaching 50 founding members after which I'll start planning and scheduling meetups/excursions. My hopes is that one of the things we'll be able to do is get access to special presentations and ability to buy clothing that is rarely ever discounted at 25 to 50% off. So we'll see where this leads.

Once we have 50 founding members we'll charge new members $50/year after after 30 days and all members will be charged a fee for annual renewals; so join early and get the first year for free.

Our goal with this group is that the information you learn about what not buy, and the discounts we are able to achieve as a group will save you significant wardrobe expense in the long run. Also, anyone for whom less than $5 per month is too much to pay to improve one's style is someone unlikely to invest in quality pieces for their wardrobe. So the fee in part proves you are serious and committed to improve your MSQ.

[1] I knows that Meetups are how you learn because I organized a highly successful Web Entrepreneur meetup for ~4 years.

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