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Program: Image Manipulation in Photography - Darryl Neill

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Program: Image Manipulation in Photography -  Darryl Neill


For the rest of 2023, all Program Meetings will be IN-PERSON.

APS Master Photographer Darryl Neill will illuminate the sometimes controversial topic of image manipulation in photography. His talk will include:

A brief history of image manipulation in photography, beginning 100 years ago, including some famous hoaxes.

Differences in the view of photography as Interpretive Art vs Realism.

The kinds of manipulations possible in the relatively new world of Digital Photography—manipulations which are becoming more and more powerful.

The advent of Generative Art by directing a computer program to create an image.

He will also present his proposed "Hierarchy of Digital Manipulation," and lead a discussion of what should be allowed in APS Competitions.

This will be an in-person meeting at First Baptist Church of Decatur. Guests are always welcome. Please click the "Attend" button to let us know you plan to be there.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023
3:59 AM
308 Clairemont Ave · Decatur, GA