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Learning Seaside and Smalltalk to open your mind

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This meetup has been rescheduled to April 14th. My bad for the scheduling mixup. -James

Seaside is a Smalltalk continuation-based framework to create stateful web applications. It is developed on top of Pharo, a Smalltalk Virtual Machine with an "image" (which we will see what that is). This workshop will help you explore the ideas within seaside and some of the benefits you might get from such different platforms. Please download the Seaside One-Click Experience 3.1 listed below before coming to the session.

No previous Smalltalk knowledge is needed although a good understanding of SOME object oriented language will help you follow along.

Useful links:

- Download the

Seaside One-Click Experience 3.1 (

We'll order pizza and drinks kinda like usual. Talk will start at 7:15 but you can show up at 7:00 to eat and chat before.