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TDD and Coding Kata

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Let's hear a short explanation of TDD and Coding Kata then do a kata, practicing (or learning) TDD and pair-programming. I suggest we do an easy kata such as Making Change or Prime Factors. The point of this is to improve our coding skills through deliberate practice.

Back in August this meetup group had a TDD discussion after which most of us watched volunteers practice the Conway's Game of Life kata. We'll do it differently this time because varied experiences help us learn. This time, there will be less watching and a whole lot more hand's-on.

Everyone should bring their own laptop, if you can. We'll pair up so we actually only need half of you to bring a laptop, but I can't today tell you which half. :-) Please have an IDE (or two or three of them) loaded and ready with a unit testing framework that you are familiar with. I'm going to assume that half of the participants know a unit testing framework and can guide the other half through this exercise.

You can do this kata in any language you desire, though you may have to negotiate that language with your pair. If you are a polyglot or willing to learn a new language, all the better.

Will TW provide food and drinks as usual? That would be awesome if they could. Their sponsorship of this group has been awesome!


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