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Elisabeth S.

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Aug 18, 2011


I live in Lawrenceville and I have recently retired from working at the GCPL library. It's time to rekindle the love for nature and outdoors adventures. Now that I regained my freedom, I can enjoy sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and skiing again.

Why did you decide to join this group?

We took John Miller's class two years ago and he got us hooked :)

What would you say your experience level is?(we like all levels, but it may help us target events)

Graduated John's class for beginners, intermediate and WHite Water Rescue

What type of paddling do you typically do?(flatwater, whitewater, sea)

All of the above

How often do you typically paddle?(once a month, once a week, etc)

Once or twice a month

Would you participate in social events with this group, even if paddling wasn't involved?