Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs June 2009 Meetup

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ASE 2.0
The Atlanta Startup Ecosystem, Phase 2 -- An Open Forum

This is a unique event for AWE and highly targeted to a segment of AWE members to have their voices are heard and that their contributions are felt

IMPORTANT: See below who SHOULD and who SHOULD NOT attend.

Evening ProgramScott Burkett ( and Mike Blake ( of Startup Lounge ( will present their view of Atlanta Startup Community over the past several years and their vision for the future then we'll open up the floor moderated by Scott and Mike for a discussion of the "Next Steps the Atlanta Startup Community needs to take collectively to thrive.

This won't be a one time discussion; it will be the kick-off of many. Attendees should expect to participation in the discussion and many should plan to volunteer in some form to enable and ensure the future vision of the Atlanta Startup Ecosystem that collectively emerges.

Or in Scott Burkett's WordsScott explains it well:Just a few short years ago, Atlanta had a reputation for being a very closed-loop town, and the startup scene here was very limited. Sharing a passionate desire to drive change, the entrepreneurial community rallied around the call to do their part to help Atlanta's early-stage ecosystem evolve. Leveraging the power of social media to communicate, Atlanta entrepreneurs and investors began a critical dialogue to exchange ideas and information. As a result of this dialogue, and the hard work of a lot of people, Atlanta is now home to a very vibrant, yet still-emerging startup scene.

Atlanta is uniquely positioned to achieve what was, just a few years ago, unattainable. We have the benefit of three major research universities, a large Fortune 1000 presence, a new generation of young entrepreneurs and angel investors, and an energetic entrepreneurial community that has successfully commandeered its own destiny using social media. And we have great peaches. Really good peaches.

But as we near the end of this "first phase" of our rebirth, we are faced with new problems and challenges. Join the founders of and other community leaders as they present some ideas for the future, and solicit your ideas and help in an open forum.

Should You Attend?While Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs is a group with broad goals to empower individuals of all type interested in leveraging the web for business success and meetings are typically open to anyone.

THIS meeting, however, is specifically for those who care about the Atlanta Startup community and it's ecosystem. If you are someone who wants to see Atlanta to lead the world in innovative startups with many highly successful exits AND are willing to put forth significant personal effort towards achieving this vision long term then this is a MUST-ATTEND meeting.

If the above does not describe you I can guarantee you will be bored as others discuss how to make the Atlanta Startup Ecosystem work.

Who SHOULD AttendIf one of the following phrases describes you then you SHOULD attend this event:Entrepreneurs who "Swing for the Fences"
Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Institutional Investors
Service Providers that service the Startup Community
Other Supporters of the Startup Community Ecosystem

Who Should NOT AttendIf one of more of these labels describes you more than one of the previous labels then you SHOULD NOT attend this event: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
Small Businesses using the Web for marketing
People who prefer the security of employment
Developers, Designers, Freelancers
Internet and Network Marketers
Interactive Agencies

Evening AgendaOur agenda for the evening will be as follows:6:15pm - Early Registration (for those not prepaid)
6:45pm - Networking
7:00pm - Meeting opens; Group News & Discussion
7:10pm - Vision: Scott Burkett & Mike Blake present
7:30pm - Open Forum Discussion - Discussion
8:00pm - Break
8:10pm - Open Forum Discussion - Envision
8:30pm - Open Forum Discussion - Action Items
8:50pm - Closing Comments
9:00pm - Networking (Optional)
9:30pm - Drinks/Dinner at Gordon Biersch (

Note we'll be ending a 9pm but will allow for networking until 9:30pm after which those interested can head over to Gordon Biersch on Peachtree ( for drinks and dinner.