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Learn by a Movie that Touches Your Heart

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Come and watch an inspirational movie with us. After the movie we will talk about the moral of the story, what is the lesson, how is this movie connect and relate to our life. Talking about which chakra is related to this most.

About the movie: This is a movie that is honest, beautifully made, accessible and at times really funny, and at times really raw and saddening. Honesty is the key word and theme in the movie. Honesty to oneself, others and the concept of it in general. How many movies can you say that about? SO in all, a brilliant, engrossing, poignant and real human drama built around believable characters doing normal things and suffering typical tragedies that are enormous in our own lives. These are people we can understand and relate to. These people do touch your heart and mind for the right reasons...

And maybe, if only for a moment, it causes you to question and reassess how you deal with others and the face you present the world, then maybe it has help heal you a little bit too. If you need it, as most of us do.

I think there are many lesson in this movie that that is relevant to all of us.

This meeting is FREE, but voluntary contributions to the upkeep of ATMA-HOME REIKI CENTER are warmly welcome.

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