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Austin Angel Investing Meetup
Did you know you can become an Angel Investor in startups, investing amongst top angels and venture capitalist for as low as $100? Join us at our monthly meetup to learn how you can start diversifiying your portfolio into startups, real estate, pre-IPO companies, and security tokens! Trying to raise for your own startup? We can help there too! Every month we'll have presentations, panels, and live pitches from companies you can invest in ON THE SPOT from your phone. Schedule: 6:00-7:00 Arrive/Sign-in/Networking 7:00-7:20 Pitches/Panel 7:20-7:30 Quick Break 7:30-8:00 Final Presenter 🔥 What are Angel Investors? They are a special breed of investor that take the risk of investing in startups, early-stage businesses, and entrepreneurs they believe in. 💰 What are the average Angel Investor returns? Investopedia reports angel investment portfolios average between 20-30%* as well as the Angel Capital Association reported their angel investors internal rate of return (IRR) over time was 27%*. 🧐 So what about the companies we work with? One of our partners, Wefunder, just released it's 5-year returns report and since 2013 investors on its platform have earned annual unrealized returns of 53%. In other words, if you’d invested in the deals featured on WeFunder, you could have pocketed gains of 53% each year. Not only is that enough to double your money every 18 months or so, but it’s enough to outperform the very best Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley… You see, according to research firm Cambridge Associates, over the same five-year investment period, the top U.S. Venture Capitalists earned just 15% per year. In other words, investors like you could have beaten the professionals by about 300%. 🤯 Wow... that's a lot! How do they do it? The key to angel investing is diversification and with Newchip you can find investments starting as low as $100, allowing you to affordably build a large and diverse portfolio of your own. Before recent regulatory changes, you used to have to invest thousands of dollars or more to be able to invest in early-stage companies but now you have the ability to invest as low as $100 apiece into companies. 🧐 How much "should I invest"? Angels that reported 27% IRR invested at least 10% of their wealth into angel investing. 1. We can't recommend how much you invest but it should only be a % of your total investment portfolio to help manage risk in addition to other investments like- public stocks, real estate, REIT's, etc. 2. It should not be your only investment or your entire portfolio. If you invest $1,000 into one company you find on Newchip, and that's it, you are NOT diversifying. That's the exact opposite of diversification. 🤓 Why do we care so much about entrepreneurs and startups? Entrepreneurship is the #1 driver for social impact globally, and at Newchip we’re on a mission to change the world through it. It's that simple. 🤷 So who are we? We're a group of entrepreneurs that believe there should be better investment options than what the financial advisors that led us into the Great Recession recommend to us. For the first time, we can all affordably invest alongside professional investors in startups, pre-IPO companies, real estate, REIT’s, and even blockchain technologies and security tokens. This new type investing is revolutionizing how companies grow, scale, and create products. It's helping entrepreneurs connect to investors they never would have had access to and helping investors to invest in what they believe in. 💡 I've never heard of this. What do I call it? It goes by many names: crowd investing, investment crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding. It was born from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but instead of getting a t-shirt and thank you, you can now receive and own a slice of the companies.

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South Congress Hotel

1603 South Congress Avenue · Austin

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We're a meetup for anyone interested in investing in startups, pre-IPO companies, securitized tokens, REIT's, you name it!

Newchip is a platform that enables everyone to invest alongside angels and vc's around the world. We also help entrepreneurs raise from their communities and supporters.

Join and connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and experts to learn the basics of raising, investing, and "living" the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Each month we'll mix it up with pitches from live local companies that you can invest in for as low as $100, panels of angel investors/entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneur speakers giving the "tell-all" on their journeys.

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