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Anawhata Weekend Day 1: Coast & Stream Hike + Optional Camping

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This weekend trip will be in the Anawhata area, on west coast of Waitakere Ranges, north of Piha, with optional camping at Craw Campground on Saturday night. Day 1 will include a day hike to explore the beautiful secluded beach, surrounding coast, and stream of Anawhata. There can also be a shorter evening/sunset walk after dinner for campers with great coastal views. Day 1 can be attended separately or as part of a weekend trip followed by Day 2 ( after camping.

Duration: 5-6 hours, including stops.
Difficulty: 4 on our 1-5 scale of day hikes on a variety of walking surfaces including road, tramping track, stream, beach, and rocky coast. Includes a moderate amount of hill climbing. Stream and rocky coast walking is relatively flat but will require some agility. Rocky coast requires use of hands in places. Stream walk includes numerous stream crossings that are fairly shallow but will require getting feet wet. There's one technically tricky spot near beach where stream meets vertical rock with risk of getting wet, but not very dangerous.

Weather Update (Fri 4pm): Metservice forecast ( for Saturday: "Morning shower or two, becoming fine. Southwesterlies. (sun+shower symbol)".
Meeting Places:
- Victoria Park New World is our initial meeting place for carpooling. We'll gather outside main entrance of supermarket on Scotland Street near corner with College Hill. (If you haven't met us there before, you can read more details here (
- Then we'll drive to Arataki Information Centre on Scenic Drive for a quick stop to pay for camping.
- Then we'll drive to end of Anawhata Road carpark for the start of hike.
- See Google Map directions (,174.7552734+to:Scenic+Drive+to:Anawhata+Rd+to:Anawhata+Rd&hl=en&ll=-36.887859,174.600906&spn=0.321276,0.441513&sll=-36.851655,174.753771&sspn=0.005022,0.006899&geocode=FWS8zf0d7HtqCg%3BFS6rzf0dyY1qCinh7vFa7EcNbTEgw_0GYe8AEw%3BFUo-zP0d5k1oCg%3BFSmCzP0dHUtmCg%3BFTeUzP0d4QVmCg&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=17&via=1&z=11) with following markers:
-- A: Victoria Park New World
-- B: Arataki Visitor Centre
-- C: Craw Campground (on left I think)
-- D: end of Anawhata Road carpark
- Carpooling will be arranged for everyone meeting at New World at start time after arriving there (transport permitting).
- If you need a ride from New World, no need to arrange this in advance - just let us know you need a ride.
- If you want a ride or can offer rides from another location, you can mention this in your RSVP comment and contact each other to arrange.
- Best if most people meet at New World first. Option to drive straight to Arataki or Anawhata is only intended if New World is far out of your way (eg, if driving from west).
- Each carpool passenger from New World is expected to give $10 to driver.
Time Guideline:
(These times are subject to change)
- 09:15 - Good time to arrive at New World, meet & greet
- 09:30 - Latest time to arrive at New World
- 09:35 - Leave New World
- 10:00 - Arrive at Arataki Visitor Centre if driving straight there
- 10:15 - Leave Arataki
- 10:45 - All at end of Anawhata Road carpark
- 11:00 - Start hike
- 17:00 - Approx end of hike, day hikers leave; campers set up camp
- 18:00 - Approx day hikers return city; camp dinner
- 19:30 - Approx start evening/sunset walk.
- Online NZ Topo map of Anawhata area

Hike Description:
Exact hike route will probably be decided on the day but may be a variation of the following loop starting from Anawhata carpark:
- Walk down track to Anawhata Beach, explore.
- Walk southward along rocky coast at low tide to Fishermans Rock Point.
- Walk up and down Fishermans Track to Whites Beach.
- Go up Rose Track to Anawhata Road.
- Walk along Anawhata Road about 1km to start of Kuataika Track.
- Go down Kuataika Track to Anawhata Stream.
- Walk downstream back to Anawhata Beach.
- Go back up track to carpark.
- Could loop opposite direction, going up stream from Anawhata Beach and return to carpark from Fishermans Rock via University Track.
- Could start with University Track to Fishermans Rock, northward along coast to Anawhata Beach, explore beach, return stream walk back to beach, then back up to carpark.
- Other variations can also be considered.
Overnight Camping at Craw:
- Craw Campground ( is about 7.2km down Anawhata Road on left, about 2-3km inland of the coast.
- This campground was designed, developed, and opened not long ago for walkers of the Hillary Trail, and it can also be accessed by vehicles.
- Facilities are basic including composting toilet and small cooking shelter (not sure about drinking water).
- Cost is $6/person.
- Can book by phoning Auckland Council 366-2000 (option 2) and pay by credit card or pay at Arataki Visitor Centre on the way.
- See new Auckland Council webpage for Craw Campground with Availability Calendar (
- food and drink for duration of stay
- clothing for duration of stay
- footwear suitable for tramping tracks, rocky coast, and stream walking
- sun and rain protection
- plastic bags for dirty footwear
- first-aid items
- money ($10 cash if carpool passenger)
If camping:
- tent
- sleeping bag and other sleeping gear
- toiletries
- torch
- portable cooker if want cooked food
(1) We have hiked Kuataika Track, Anawhata Stream and Beach loop before on 14 March 2010 (, and Anawhata beach, rocky coast and Fishermans Rock on 1 May 2011 ( This Day 1 hike will probably be a different variation of these two.
(2) 9:30am is the latest time to arrive at New World (times are subject to change). We are unlikely to wait for late people. Arriving early is good :-)
(3) It is safer and generally more fun to hike together as a group. We'll aim to do this with stops at track junctions and other key points for group to regather, but there's no guarantee this will happen so prepare as best you can for this hike (study map, this description, etc).
(4) We'll hike at a moderate pace that is comfortable for average hikers with stops at places of interest along the way.
(5) Low tide at Piha on Saturday is 11:40am, and it is not very low, so any coastal walking will need to be done around this time if included.
(6) If you are not able to attend the Day 1 hike, it will be okay to arrive later for camping.
If you are interested to attend it will help if you:
- Read all the details of this event description carefully;
- RSVP online soon (even if you aren't sure you'll make it)
- Say what you are planning and anything else you'd like group to read in your RSVP comment (below the Yes/No options);
- Answer several RSVP questions about certainty of attending, meeting places, transport, hike and time preferences, and camping (note, only Organizer can see answers);
- Update your RSVP later if you decide not to go or anything you specified is no longer accurate, thanks :-)
Are you interested to attend? :-)


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