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GAE, Groovy, Jersey, BDD, Wicket, Scala, Java, Apache Pivot, Clojure, Android

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This month's meetup was some time in the making! The cast of Illegal Argument (http://www.illegalarg... ( will bring you a multi-solution how to around a single theme - Presentations and Votes.

First up, we have a REST only web service written in Jersey [using Groovy/Grails as a framework but focused on Jersey] from Richard Vowles of Blue Train Software Ltd (http://www.bluetrains... ( We will talk about the problems of deploying the solution on the Google App Engine (GAE). so we show you the basics of creating the application, setup, development/testing (BDD) and deployment. 45 mins.

Second up, we have Wicket interface to the backend, written in Scala, from Antony Stubbs of SharcaConsulting ( ( We) will show you the basics of Wicket (components, models (binding) etc), how to use Wicket Ajax and the basics of the Scala language. 45 mins.

Thirdly we have an Apache Pivot interface (written in Java and/or Clojure), in this section we will introduce you to the Pivot RIA platform, its declarative UI and component model, and the benefits of separating UI concerns from implementaions (switching out Java for Clojure, Scala, or any other JVM language of your choice). 45 mins.

Finally, take it mobile with Android and show you how you can deploy an app talking REST to the backend service. 45 mins.

If you want to see more detail in a presentation during each presentation, one of the four will take a note of your presentation suggestion and it will be put into the repository. You will then be able to vote for it for a subsequent JUG or create your own client and vote for it/show your client off.