Java at the Cutting Edge: Stuff I Learned about Performance


Hi all,

Mike Barker is going to give us a sneak preview of his QCon talk 'Stuff I learned about performance (', and will cover how techniques such as domain modelling, performance & functionality tradeoffs, and library evaluation has allowed the LMAX Exchange to scale while maintaining low and predictable latency. He will also guide us through the various ways that these ideas can be applied in other situations.

This will be followed by a round of 5 minute lightning talks that aim to give the community a quick introduction to something interesting in the JVM world. We're after a couple more speakers so please get in touch with one of the organisers if there's something you'd like to present on.

We expect pizza and drinks to be available from around 1800, with Mike kicking off his presentation at around 1830. We thank Finzsoft for their continued catering support, and Movio for making their offices available.

Limited street parking is available on St Benedicts St, but there are also parking buildings also on the street:

We look forward to seeing you there!