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The Street Trash Sculpture Clash

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Become part of the ‘Auckland Creative Re-Users’ and join in this hands-on sculpture event. It will be fun and kinda like the Olympics, but closer ... and more about sculpting.

We converge at the park on the corner of Bairds Rd and Cobham Crescent in Otara, South Auckland – transport out to venue and back available for competitors.

Piles of junk lining the streets in anticipation of the Council’s annual inorganic recycling collection service. Perfect construction materials for a competition involving primed sculpture teams waiting to be unleashed into the suburbs, each bent on creating a jumbo junk sculpture glorious enough to earn them top place on the winners’ podium.

Competition will last three hours, enough time for each team to locate a suitably bountiful pile (or two or three piles in close proximity) and then to create a colossal contraption, using only a box of construction aids given to them at the start of the comp, their imagination, and teamwork.

To the winning team: A beautiful trophy created, and presented, by an established Auckland sculptor, and a prize-pack from ecostore.
To all the competitors: A very creative afternoon out.
To the wider community: Another plug for the benefits of recycling and reuse.
Wonderfully sponsored by Vibracorp.

- Yes, its free to enter
- Thats right, we will have a kit of construction tools available for each team
- Ai, each team will be supplied a communications / health and safety officer to help them along the way
- You know it, event organisers will deal with any clean-up required afterwards.

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