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What we’re about


This is a small group of 40-50 competitive social tennis players who wants to play regular competitive tennis all year round and it is absolutely FREE!. No money back Guaranteed!

This meetup is mainly open to match ready players (intermediate and above), all members are expected to play singles tennis matches (best out of 3 sets matches or 1 set mini matches dependant on size of the turnout) at the meetup. We DO NOT play doubles matches, I repeat.. we DO NOT play doubles matches! :).

Please be advised that this group is strictly open to intermediate level and above, an intermediate level player is someone who can serve with decent pace, accuracy and hold a consistent rally hitting top spins. If you are a novice/beginner or intend to play doubles matches or just a casual rally hit around, there are other more suitable alternative social tennis groups available for you to join openly that may suit your ability level and needs. Please do not be offended if you were removed from the group or were declined from joining for the reasons mentioned. If you are easily offended by this then I would suggest you not to apply to save some of the heartaches:).

You are required to participate atleast one of our meetup events within 3 weeks upon joining our group otherwise I may remove you, this is to discourage non-active participating members from joining and to free up spaces for new members who are more inclined to participate our events regularly to join.

We don't waste time just standing or sitting around talking or rallying back and forth for an hour and a half meaninglessly. We do not tolerate 'a do nothing' members! everyone has to contribute and participate! We are there to enjoy some good proper tennis matches together!

Members must supply their own racquet/s for match play. Balls will be provided by the organiser.
A gold/silver coin donation would be appreciated to contribute towards ball purchases from time to time but it is NOT mandatory! Ball donations would be appreciated too! The intention for this meetup is NOT for profit but it is for competitive tennis enjoyment for all like minded players. Any monetary contributions would go towards paying for balls and our group fees to to help keep our group remain active.

What is mandatory is that you must turn up with your A game! maybe a B or C- or what not, but most importantly you must turn up with a can do attitude! this means you damn well better be keen to play atleast 1 singles tennis match during your time at the meetups, otherwise this group may not suit you! and I would not hesitate to remove you! :) Oh and did I mention that we DO NOT play doubles? yes I did so please DO NOT join if you expect to play doubles matches at our meetup events.:)

So whatcha waiting for? do you think you got what it takes to become a tennis warrior? if so, apply and join us to become one now! by the way, we don't play doubles!  :)