Past Meetup

Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.1. Talks from Microsoft and Mozilla.

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This month we have Microsoft and Mozilla talking about Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.1 respectively. Matt Heller from Microsoft Redmond will be talking about: IE8 has plenty of exciting new features for web developers, from Web Slices to Activities, to full support for CSS2.1 and in part HTML5 and CSS3. Paramount to these features is a brand new rendering engine that renders websites stringently using today’s web standards. You will walk out of this session feeling confident that you can take advantage of IE8 immediately, and with minimal work from you, your existing web applications will continue to work as expected! Robert O'Callahan and Chris Double from Mozilla will be talking about: Firefox 3.1 will enter beta 1 in September, due to ship late this year or early next year. The focus is on building on the strong foundation of Firefox 3 with lots of new HTML5 and CSS features for Web developers (including JS Worker Threads, improved offline apps, Ogg Vorbis and Theora /, drag-and-drop API, text-shadow, box-shadow, media queries, CSS3 selectors, border-image, border-radius, downloadable fonts, CSS transforms, cross-site XHR, DOM querySelector API, and Acid3 improvements!) Plus Tracemonkey, the world's fastest JS engine. There will be 2 sessions only on the night with our infamous pizza, beer and wine drinks in between. So if you are interested in the future of the web come along. If you are a Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR/Sliverlight person, probably nothing interesting here because we live in our own world where browser and operating system differences don't affect us, rock on!