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Via Zoom-AWCG Critique meet!

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Via Zoom-AWCG Critique meet!


This is a virtual/skype critique meetup for writers!

Submission guidelines:

2000 words (approximate)
Doublespaced word doc
Deadline: Tuesday 5pm EST
Email to:

Critiques are accessed by participants via google drive. The link will be sent out by Thursday at noon from meetup. **NOTE: this email contains a hyperlink and is frequently filtered to junk folders.

***Meetup etiquette:
-Choose one main talking point during the meeting
-Keep critique brief (no more than 5 mins)
-If someone else has already touched on that point, please discuss a different point.
-Please be constructive with feedback
--Inappropriate and/or shaming comments will result in being blocked and banned from the group

-Adhering to these rules will ensure that everything that needs to be addressed about the submission can be, and that everyone has a chance to speak and add something meaningful to the discussion.

If you have not received an email by Thursday, please check your spam folder.

Looking forward to seeing you there and getting a good discussion and feedback going!

Happy Writing!

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