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Trino and Apache Iceberg - the data lakehouse

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RSVP at: https://trino-on-ice-austin.eventbrite.com

Join us for an evening of discussion on storing and querying the data lakehouse with Apache Iceberg and Trino, followed by a meet and greet.

Featured Talk: Trino on Ice

In this talk, Yusuf Cattaneo, a Solution Architect at Starburst, will introduce the open source data stack for storing and querying data: Trino and Iceberg.
Iceberg is an open-source open table format that automatically handles and hides partitioning, allowing you to take advantage of data lake speeds without the need for manual, tedious, and error-prone management.
Trino is an open-source distributed SQL query engine, capable of running ad hoc queries at blazing fast speeds and handling long-running ETL workloads with its fault-tolerance mode.
Both are great technologies independently, but it's together that they shine. Iceberg's storage format enables incredibly speedy reads and writes to pair with the speed of the Trino engine, and Trino empowers data scientists and analysts to query Iceberg tables with ANSI SQL and the interface and BI tool interoperability of a traditional data warehouse. Combine the benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse, and you get a data lakehouse. The new, better way to manage your data with Trino on Ice.

June 6 | 5:30 - 8:00
Starburst Austin Office
111 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

5:30 - 7:00 - Welcome and Trino on Ice presentation in the Conference Center located on Level P.
7:00 - 8:00 - Pizza, beer and wine in the Starburst Office on the 8th floor, Suite 850.

Several local garages within a few blocks:
111 Congress Ave Parking Garage [masked] Brazos Street)
Austin Convention Center (Go to 201 East 2nd Street with garage entrances located on Brazos or San Jacinto - 1-6 hours: $10)

RSVP at: https://trino-on-ice-austin.eventbrite.com

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