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An independent group for all Austin folks interested in all things graph - databases, processing, algorithms, query languages, APIs. Focusing on Titan, Tinkerpop, Gremlin, Graphlab, Giraph, Gephi, Neo4J, JanusGraph ArangoDB, and other relevant technologies.

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Graph Queries with Gremlin Language Variants

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This is a partner event with the SF Category Theory and Application meetup in San Francisco. Please RSVP there for a link to the session. https://www.meetup.com/Category-Theory/events/lcmnvrybcnbjb/ SPEAKER : Stephen Mallette, Committer and PMC Chair for Apache TinkerPop. Along with Marko Rodriguez and Josh Shinavier, Stephen was one of the original contributors to TinkerPop. In addition to general core development, Stephen works on the Gremlin Console/Server/Driver, and Language Variants. Don't miss this opportunity to hear Stephen! TITLE : Graph Queries with Gremlin Language Variants ABSTRACT : Apache TinkerPop is an open source graph computing framework, which centers on the Gremlin graph query language and is supported by dozens of graph databases, such as Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, and DataStax Graph. Gremlin is a functional stream-like language which finds itself at home in many programming language ecosystems, making it possible to query most graph databases on the market in the programming language environment of most comfort to its developers. This presentation will introduce graph traversals (queries) with Gremlin, showcasing their forms in a variety of different programming languages like, Java, Python, C#, Javascript and more. Collectively, all of these different programming language implementations of Gremlin are referred to as Gremlin Language Variants. For more details on TinkerPop, visit: http://tinkerpop.apache.org/ You can also find Stephen Mallette at: http://stephen.genoprime.com/ https://twitter.com/spmallette https://github.com/spmallette

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Category Theory and Functional Programming

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