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Austin Outdoor Adventures Kayaking Training & Tours [Austin OAK T&T] is a Meetup Group dedicated to building a community of people interested in improving their coastal kayaking skills via formal training, and are interested in growing their kayaking expertise via day-touring experiences and kayak-camping expeditions.

Kayaking is great fun - just ask any paddler you find on the water. Kayaking offers so much to so many! Quiet leisure, intense adrenaline, or a path to exploration and adventure. Kayaking is a great way to access spectacular nature, experience reflective moments and to enjoy family and friends away from the distractions of life. Coastal kayaking helps paddlers build character, teach confidence and independence in a supportive environment filled with natural challenges, and provides a space to make your own decisions and to experience the consequences and the rewards, and encourages teamwork in stunning natural places.

Austin OAK T&T is an inclusive group and is open to anyone interested in human-powered outdoor adventures (kayaking, hiking, camping, climbing, biking, backpacking, mountaineering). We enjoy paddling in 14 feet plus long day-touring kayaks and sea kayaks, both, plastic and composite hulls, but some of our friends paddle in shorter sit-on-top kayaks.

Austin OAK T&T offer safe and fun coastal kayak training and awesome touring experiences under the leadership of Constantin Platon [happy camper for 20+ years, ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor and ACA Level 3 Trip Leader, and certified NOLS Wilderness First Aid, among other certifications].

Austin Outdoor Adventures Kayaking Training & Tours [Austin OAK T&T] is the Meetup branch of OAK GeoSciences.


Austin OAK T&T Enthusiasts are welcome to bring their own kayaking gear or rent kayaking gear from our fleet of high-end European brands of single seat touring kayaks and sea kayaks, including Prijon kayaks (Made in Germany) and Valley and P&H kayaks (Made in England). We also have half-a-dozen of great-looking sit-inside tandem kayaks proudly made in USA by Wilderness Systems and Dagger. We paddle with high-quality paddles made by Werner and Aqua Bound.

Austin OAK T&T Enthusiasts are encouraged to post ideas for future trainings and trips.

Austin OAK T&T events follow the code of ethics and guidelines established by American Canoe Association. All participants must wear a properly-fitted U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejacket at all times during on-water activities.

For your membership to be considered, please answer our introductory questionnaire and upload your avatar/profile picture.

Kayaking can be dangerous and your wellbeing or your property can be at risk. By attending our events you are taking personal responsibility for your wellbeing and property and are attending at your own risk.

Thank you for checking out Austin OAK T&T and we are looking forward to be paddling together soon!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions kayaking related - we would love to help you out!

On behalf of the Austin OAK T&T community of coastal kayakers: Warmest Greetings!


Upcoming events (4+)

Downtown Houston Full Moon Night Paddling Tour

Eternal Rock Church

Downtown Houston Full Strawberry Moon Night Paddling Tour

How is your night vision? Are you easy to get spooked in the dark?

This is the challenge we propose: spend some quality time relaxing on the water at the end of the day. Invite your family, call a friend or two, or treat your date to a romantic paddle under the full moon. Grab one of our kayaks or bring yours, and let's wet paddles together during this spectacular evening!

June's full moon, sometimes known as the Super Moon or Strawberry Moon, should rise and be in full display, and be our guide in the night and radiate off skyscrapers of Houston downtown, as we glide in our kayaks.

Night paddling can be very intriguing and also very relaxing!

We will start with on-land safety briefing and be on the water soon thereafter. Urban lights will be very pretty, reflect on the water, and help create a magical experience. The whole event is going to be really fun!

This is a family-friendly and beginner-friendly event. Strong kids ages 10 and up are welcome to attend accompanied by a parent.

Course: We will do a leisurely trip paddling for about 2-3 miles in one direction, then turn around. The total paddling itinerary is 4-6 miles or about 3-4 hours of paddling, depending on who is doing the paddling. The trip can be shortened or lengthen depending on circumstances.

Rentals Available: Premium quality double-seat/tandem sit-inside kayak rentals are $200 each, and solo kayaks are $100 each. Life jackets, paddles, instruction and event insurance will be provided. You are also welcome to bring your own craft. Gratuities are greatly appreciated!

Registration: Please reply with your name and phone number, and let me know your kayak choice in advance (solo or tandem).

To reserve your seats, in advance payment via Venmo or PayPal is expected, using phone number[masked]. If we have to cancel the event, a full refund will be issued. Other payment methods can be discussed.

What to bring: Bring drinking water and a snack. Bring with you in a trash bag a towel and a set of dry clothing to change into if needed at the end of the event. We do not want and do not expect anyone to capsize, and will take meaningful precautions to avoid unintended capsizes. However, water dripping off the paddle into your lap is possible. Dress for immersion by dressing only with synthetic clothing and by avoiding any cotton clothing while on water. Bring a headlamp if you have one, and water shoes (closed toed sandals, no flip-flops). Wear outdoor, fast drying, non-cotton/synthetic clothing.

= = =

I would be happy to answer your questions - please let me know if you have any. Thanks for your RSVP and I look forward to be paddling together!


PS: Constantin is a certified ACA L-3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor and ACA L-3 Trip Leader and NOLS Wilderness First Aid.

Born to Paddle!



Do you have in mind a Different Drill, Date or Destination? Let's chat!!

We also run team building events, birthday parties, church functions, eco tours, overnight excursions and more advanced skills classes focused on sea kayaking.

ACA-Level 2: Mastering Coastal Kayaking Touring Strokes (Half Day Class)

Awesome instruction. Premium kayaking gear. Excellent destination. Small student-to-instructor ratio (6 to 1). Personalized feedback. Inspiring fun in a 5-hour action-packed class. Ages 12 and up. Pay in advance to reserve your seat. A waiver must be signed. Learn more below.

= = =

ACA-Level 2: Mastering Coastal Kayaking Touring Strokes

Originating in the Arctic as a means of travel and hunting for food, sea kayaking greatly evolved over the last 5 decades. A sea kayak must be able to travel long distances at a reasonable speed and also be maneuverable in inclement weather when dealing with rough waters and wind.

Sea kayaking using a Greenland paddle is a specialist activity. A magic sport for a lifetime!

In this class we are going to introduce the technical concepts behind a variety of paddle strokes and maneuvers specific to sea kayaking: forward, reverse, sweep, side slip, low brace, high brace, edging, stern
rudder, bow rudder, and more.

We can practice these strokes to mastery. Based on interest and abilities, we can also practice self rescue and assisted rescues skills.

Our kayaks: Valley, P&H, NDK, Prijon. Our paddles: handcrafted wooden Greenland paddles, carbon fiber Werner, Aqua-bound. Premium PFD's.

The water and air temperatures are acceptable for most people and we might be getting wet. Our teaching philosophy is “challenged by choice” so you can opt-out of some of the exercises and scenarios we play.

This class requires a moderate fitness level and a capacity to bend (body flexibility). Our sea kayaks can accommodate paddlers up to 280 lbs. and 44 inch hip/pants size.

This is a 5-hour long class. Most of it will be spent on (and in) the water.

By the end of this class, you will become a more confident and skillful kayaker.

This class will have a 6:1 student to instructor ratio so you will receive very personal instruction and feedback. A minimum 4 paying students are necessary to run the class.

= = =

To reserve your spot, please RSVP “Yes” here then submit your Venmo or PayPal payment.

A RSVP “Yes” on Meetup merely states your interest, but alone does not register you for the clinic. Please pay in advance to reserve your seat.

This is a small capacity clinic and some register without being Meetup members, so numbers shown may not add up, and they may change.

Registration fee: $150 per person.

Registration includes instruction and rental of a completely equipped kayak (sit-inside touring kayak, lightweight paddle, adjustable lifejacket, kayak skirt, bilge pump, paddle float, dry bag) and use of group gear (tow rope, rescue sling, VHS radio, first aid kit, flares, and signalizing devices).

You are welcome to practice with your familiar gear, should you want to bring your own kayak. Please email me your kayak brand and model ahead of time. Your kayak must be at least 15 ft. long and have two dry compartments (bow and stern bulkheads) or attached air bags (floating pillows) for inherent floatation/buoyancy (so it will not sink).

= = =

Important! Please reply with:

  1. your phone number and,

  2. your approximately hip size (pants size), chest size (shirt size), height and weight so I can bring you the correct size kayak and gear.

  3. your kayak brand and model, if applicable.

= = =

I am excited for the opportunity to share with you from my expertise and I look forward to paddling together!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Certified ACA L-3 Coastal Kayak Instructor and Trip Leader, NOLS Wilderness First Aid

= = =


Venmo payment is: Venmo@Constantin-Platon

PayPal payment is:[masked] (Not set up as a business yet. Please select family & friends option!)

Check payable to OAK GeoSciences, LLC


Have in mind a different drill, date, or destination? Want to hire us for a corporate team building or family event? Let’s get in touch!

Born to Paddle!

Beginners Friendly Guided Group Paddle at Luce Bayou [NE Lake Houston]

Ponderosa Marina

Luce Bayou is a scenic, beautiful, clean, and meandering bayou, part of the San Jacinto Basin. It dumps its water and sediment into Lake Houston. There are aged pine, oak, and cypress trees that provides wind and wave sheltered waters and shade for paddlers. Usually, there are lots of birds to be seen. When I paddled it last, I relaxed on the quiet waters and enjoyed the natural scenery. It was peaceful and lovely!

This is a family-friendly event and strong kids ages 6+ are welcome to attend accompanied by a parent. Single-seat and tandem kayaks are available (please let us know your choice, if you want a kayak with two seats or a solo kayak).

This guided tour requires a moderate fitness level. Our sea kayaks can accommodate paddlers up to 250 lbs. and 40-inch hip/pants size. No place from where to rent kayaks around. A waiver must be signed.

Our put-in and take-out is at the private boat ramp at Ponderosa Marina at Luce Bayou (27400 Huffman Cleveland Rd., Huffman, TX) near FM1960. The marina asks for a nominal parking fee, $7, and the cars should be safe. Please bring $7 cash. There is a portable restroom.

= = =

Our itinerary can be made modified based on our needs.

Depending on goals, fitness, group size, gear, weather condition and other circumstances of that day, we can do a short trip (6+ miles/half a day) or paddle out-and-back 10+ miles (full day), and even venture into Lake Houston.

Safe adventure. Awesome destination. Local expertise. Small group size. Family & beginners friendly. Experienced trip leader. Exceptional quality kayaking equipment.

= = =

BYOB: Bring Your Own Boat. Your touring kayak must be minimum 14 ft. long with two airtight bulkheads. Type III life vest must be worn while paddling. Sorry, no inflatable or foldable kayaks. Rec kayaks and SOT are not the best choice for this trip because of safety concerns (too slow for long distance paddling, and lack of bulkheads for buoyancy).

BYOB: Bring Your Own Boat for a 50% discount. Gratuities greatly appreciated!

Pay in advance to reserve your seat.

Rent from us! We will outfit you with a specialized sea kayak and pro touring gear worth ~$2,000.

COST: $120 per person for guiding services and gear rental. Gratuities greatly appreciated!

Scroll down to bottom page for payment instructions. Minimum 4 paying rentals are needed to run this trip. Premium quality kayaks and gear is being delivered from Houston, TX. There are no kayaking rental places nearby or renting the type of gear suitable for this trip. Choose expert advice!

A RSVP “Yes” on Meetup merely states your interest, but alone does not register you for this event. Please pay in advance to reserve your seat!

This is a small capacity event and some register without being Meetup members, so numbers shown may not add up, and they may change.

= = =

By the end of this trip, you will be tired, hungry and satisfied with your day. You will also be a more confident kayaker and have increased physical and mental strength, and knowledge and appreciation for the value of wetland coastal ecosystems.

Bring half a gallon drinking water and lots of snack. Bring a towel and a complete set of clothing to change into at the end, should that be necessary.

Bring a large brim hat, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and dress in synthetic comfortable outdoor clothing that dries-up quickly.

No blue jeans, no cotton shirts. No crocs, no flipflops, no rain boots. Bring water shoes or old snickers; your feet will get wet. Wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid sunburn and biting insects.

= = =


  1. your phone number and,
  2. your approximately hip size (pants size), chest size (shirt size), height and weight so I can bring you the correct size kayaking gear (yes, kayaks and PFD's come in sizes!). Would you like a tandem kayak to paddle with a partner?

I am excited for the opportunity to share with you from my expertise and I look forward to paddling together!


Certified ACA L-3 Coastal Kayak Instructor, ACA Trip Leader, and NOLS Wilderness First Aid.

= = =


Venmo payment is: Venmo@Constantin-Platon

PayPal payment is:[masked] (Select Family & Friends option)

Check payable to OAK GeoSciences, LLC


= = =

Do you have any questions?

Different Drill, Date, Destination?

A birthday party? A corporate team building leadership event? Someone new visiting town? Family reunion? Friends outing? A church holiday? Teenagers or women only?

We can put on water, all at once, 30+ people in sea touring kayaks!

Would love to hear from you! Let's discuss!!

Looking to buy your first kayak? Gently Used Touring Kayaks Tryout Day

Sugar Land Memorial Park

Our passion for kayaking is expressed in the awesome craftsmanship and overall superior design of our kayaks, paddles, lifejackets and the specialized touring gear and advanced training.

Leave your comfort zone and start an adventure! As coach Yogi Berra might have said... "Kayaking is 90% mental. The other half is physical".

Kayaking is one of the most beautiful and simple recreational activities! Low impact, human powered, stealth mode of transportation to explore, discover, and enjoy nature...

Are you dreaming of coasting over a glassy lake, experiencing local rivers or having a fun day out with your family on the water? Then try kayaking!

= = =


This is a private event, by appointment only!

Please read full event description and reply with your phone number, so I can give you a call to go over what to expect!

Detailed instructions and directions are provided after completing registration.

This event is 3 hours long. The cost is only $100 to cover for gas, labor (load, unload, wash, store, etc.) and time expenses. Should you choose to buy one of our kayaks, then the $100 goes towards the price of the boat.

Don't know which kayak to choose? Send me an email. There are many options out there. I can help you figure it all out and find the best match for your needs.

= = =

Prijon is a brand of high-end performance kayaks "Made in Germany" for more than 50 years.

I have been paddling Prijon kayaks for over a decade. In my humble view, Prijon distinguishes from other kayak manufacturers in two very significant ways:

  1. Blow-molded technology (as opposed to roto-molded technology that most everyone else is using), and,
  2. A better HTP plastic (High-density Thermoplastic Polymer).

Prijon is world-famous for the production of HTP-kayaks, using a special PE, called HTP. This material can only be used in blow-molding and not in roto-molding, as used by most other kayak producers.

The molecule chains of HTP are approximately 10 times longer than those of rotated PE. This makes the boat hulls stiffer, lighter and less susceptible to abrasion.

HTP-kayaks have clear advantages regarding form stability, abrasion and boat weight, compared to kayaks made of rotated PE. HTP blow-molded kayak are comparably light, compared to rotomolded kayaks.

HTP is very environmentally friendly. When it is recycled, there are no poisonous gases or residues; it is ground water neutral and free of heavy metals.

= = =

Private event, by appointment only! Reply with your phone number!!

Personalized 3h training and show of kayaks for your needs.

Event tuition: $100 per person. Prepaid reservation via Venmo or PayPal. Low capacity enrollment. Sign up now here and pay in advance via Venmo or PayPal.

= = =

Based on your request, we can bring out 20+ kayaks for you to sit-in, compare and contrast features, and take out on water for a drive test.

This is a family friendly event, kids are welcome to attend.

You can take several short paddling trips to get a feel for several different kayak models and their comfort level and handling abilities. We will discuss, analyze, compare and contrast features, designs in building, material quality, etc.

We can bring out for you to test on water over a dozen of touring kayaks single seat and tandems, and whitewater kayaks, including the following Prijon models:

Prijon HTP, gently used, single seat, sit-inside, expedition ready, day touring & sea kayaks, with and without rudders, ranging in price $1,000-$1,500 USD:

  1. Calabria
  2. Seayak
  3. Kodiak
  4. Combi 359
  5. Touryak
  6. Catalina
  7. T-Canyon
  8. Beluga
  9. Capri Tandem
  10. Excursion Tandem

Do your homework! Many of these kayaks are described/pictured on cross-posted ads on Craigslist in Houston, Dallas, Austin.

We are limited by the trailer capacity and can't bring out all at once all the kayaks in this list.

Please specify below which kayak you would like to try out!!

If there is a kayak model that you have in mind that is not on this list, please let me know, I might have it!

= = =

Bring with you half-gallon drinking water and a snack. Dress in synthetic clothing that can dry easily. Large brim hat and longs sleeves can protect you from sunburns. Your shoes will get wet. Bring with you and leave in the car a towel and a complete set of clothing to change into, should be needed, at the end of the event.

= = =


-phone number;
-which kayak models you want to demo.

Thanks for your RSVP and I look forward to paddling together!

Constantin (Call/Text:[masked])


PS: Constantin is a certified ACA Level-3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor and ACA Trip Leader and certified NOLS Wilderness First Aid among other certifications.

Born to Paddle!

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